Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Browns and Ice ---> Off

If you haven't guessed it by now its… "What if" season. There was a place that MFRW wanted to check out. So Spicy boy and I jumped in the Truck and ventured out to see for our own eyes. The lake was pretty frozen all but 25 feet of shoreline on the far end was open though the first bend ant the inlet

Within the first 15 minutes of getting there two nice browns were taken. Nick (SB) was the first took hook up. I ran down to shoot a few photos of the catch. Upon the release of the fish Chris B (MFRW) was now tight. Hell yeah! So I ran back over the other way to snap a few. This is going to be a great day we thought, key word being thought. After this entire running around thing I am ready to fish. So, cast after cast, after cast… after cast………after cast…. Change fly…. Cast after cast...after cast…after cast….after cast…change fly…cast after cast….You get the idea. Well, it turned out to be a cold, windy day filled with tough fishing. Where did the fish go? I reeled up and walked to the other end to check it out. I fished for a few, picking off a small stocky brown and a feisty small 15" rainbow. Then I was back to the casting part again. So I reeled up and hiked back over to the boys, hoping that they are getting them. Well, MFRW had taken another right after I left and Nick hadn't even had a bite, other than that… nada. We finished the day casting and finally gave up late in the day. We all want to return again soon. Great day, lots of casting ; )

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