Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stillwater Tour - Day 2..... Its Still Windy

Unbelievable…. it's not windy! We gathered a few things and quickly headed to the water. Arriving the lake was calm, glassy and very inviting, woo hoo. A bit of overnight snow could be seen on the ground but the sun was on its way out… the making of a great day? Perhaps…

Rigging up we spotted a few fish rising tight to the shore, heads! Grizz was rigged and headed over to the shore. In no time he had a nice bow! Sick, we all thought that it was going to be a great day! Little did we know what was approaching around the corner. After hours of tryin to throuh my arnm out of its socked I was out of options. I had walked the shoreline pounding water, changing flies, changing lines, changing leader, changing flies again and then repeat. 8,593 casts,319 flies, 4 leaders, 3 lines, 9 1/2 prayers, 4 really great swearing rants, 2 pleas and one bribe later... I hadn't had a bite not even a nibble. I truly suck. Walking back to the guys I had hopes that they found them. Well, each had two fish… what is going on? About that time someone flipped the switch, just like that gale force winds ripped though the area. Temperatures were dropping and it looked like it was going to snow. So we headed to yesterdays spot. It was a picture perfect setting of yesterday's scenario (hell, a cold one) but the wind was a bit stronger today 53 mph instead of 51 mph… I think, its hard to tell ; ) Out of the blue a guy appears, then disappears… A few minutes later he returns with a leashed golden retriever. Two seconds later all hell breaks loose. Grizz's dog sees it and heads over for a friendly pet and sniff, the guy starts to shout "back away" over and over and over, this catches the attention of MFRW's dog, and he heads over. At about this exact moment the guys wife (who's in the car) starts honking the horn, meanwhile he is still yelling and now foolishly attempts to shove the LARGE 160 lb dog's head and now screaming"back away". Then the guy slips and falls on the ground when attempting to shove Ferris (the dog)…LOL…LMAO…I'm still laughing. He finally gathers himself off the pavement , gets in the car and drives away. What just happened? WOW that was neat...The guy never even said one word to any of us, the dogs weren’t barking or acting aggressive by any stretch of the word.... .

Back to fishing... Grizz and I had gotten into a huge pod of 6+" rainbows, a few 12" cuts were caught but nothing to write home about. I was just happy to actually be catching something, finally. Meanwhile MFRW couldn't buy a hit, even fishing the same exact spot. The big difference was that he had on a sink tip? Grizz and I had on floating lines, and I guess it mattered after all. We all were tired of the sideways snow and gale winds so we headed back to camp. After a few minutes of hanging out the skies seemed to clear…. Right... But being bored we drove to check out a small scenic river. To our surprise this small beautiful em was full of garbage. The entire length of the river was filled with trash, the camps were total waste pits, human waste and anything you can think of was tossed about the forest…. It was sickening, it made me very mad, more like it pissed me completely off. Why would anyone do this is beyond me, hope mother nature teaches them a thing or two and soon. We fished for a bit then headed back to camp for…drum roll..... lasagna and garlic bread! Hope tomorrow is better….



Look at the color! You got to email me some of those... : )

BG said...

Thanks Mark... in the "e" mail ; )

Cutthroat Stalker said...

Weather might not have cooperated, but at least you didn't get skunked!

I hate that when people can't keep a beautiful spot clean! Luckily most of the rivers and streams in the Cache Valley area are kept pretty decent. Even those places that get over-used by HUGE family reunion types with their 30 RVs, 20 four-wheelers and hundreds of brats (hope my wife's extended family isn't reading this ;-) still seem to clean up after themselves. What general location is the trashed river in?

Thanks for all three parts of the trip. That must mean you haven't been fishing enough if you're all caught up--go wet a fly man!

BG said...

No skunk here... been some close call though ; )

The litter thing really irritates me. I just can't see how anyone could toss garbage out in a beautiful area that they are going there to enjoy? Talk about bitting the hand that feed you. It was a Southern Utah water, near Otter Creek.

Been fishing, now I need to go catching. This ice off thing isn't panning out... yet ; )

Need to head to Cache valley to check out some old friends... if you hear of good dry action don't hesitate to holler ; )

Thanks for the visit