Monday, August 31, 2009

Fiberglass rod and Small Streams


Nick and I hit a small local stream. We took some time to slow down a bit after the last few months of a ‘go, go, go’ mentality. We both looked forward to casting tiny rods to hungry fish.

It was a balmy mid 70’s with partly cloudy skies and a slight chance of a drizzle, a perfect day to fish. An old memory returned as I touched the rod case. I unsheathed the little yellow fiberglass rod as I thought about our distant brother Mark. This rod had traveled from Japan into my hands for a birthday gift what seems to be so long ago. From there a few memories over the last 4 years brought a smile to my face. Nick and I will usually swap a story of two and reminisce on the past.

We found some adult Green drakes, what a coincidence since the maiden voyage of this rod started with the same insect. This little rod seemed to be equipped with some good karma. We swapped turns after each landed fish as we made our way up steam.

Surprisingly there were a lot snakes out. One in particular was caught up in Nick’s fly-line. Nick was casting near a log jam when upon shooting the line forward a snake fell from the line onto hit boots. It somehow slithered on the line at that exact second. It scared the hell of us both, it was pretty funny. There were many snakes out that day, pone spot had over a half dozen.

The weather man was somehow right today as we did encounter a few brief rain drops. The sun would come out right after and this same scenario repeated itself during the day. The bugs sure liked it the weather, they stayed out right through the afternoon

It was a great day of tossing dry flies, talking story and catching snakes.