Friday, December 8, 2006

Backcountry Fishing

I ventured to a place that I had fished as a kid. This area is where I discovered that backcountry fishing was something that I wanted to peruse. I fed of the energy, thrived on the adventure of it all. It seemed that the anticipation of fish created a fast pace, I couldn't get there fast enough. When I was young I never remembered the hike though. My mind was always fixed in deep thoughts, mostly thoughts of how cool a teleporter would be, I wished that I could fly at least a few times an hour and then the fish toughts. I always could count on two things here. One, there wouldn't be another soul around, because only a crazy would go through all this trouble to catch high country trout and two, the fishing is always better than great. Hit the trail at 3am, headlamp, fishing gear, a red bull and 20 years of memorys. Nice and mellow for a few minutes, then the stair climb, forgot about that, straight up for the next few hours ,ok more like three! In the dark you make good time, the air is crisp and refreshing it like breathing fresh life.The sunrise is a burst of energy knowing your almost there. While hiking, my mind wandered about as usual, I thought about how the teleporter is probably a few years away from being bought at walmart but it is going to cost a bundle, if I wait a year I can get last years model at a good discount that saves me money and I can buy some new fishing equipment with my good financial skills, I still wished I could fly but I also took the time to enjoy the beauty, well I had to really because I took a few more rest stops than normal. I was winded, thirsty and my feet were killing me. I was also thinking and hoping the fish are as still as huge as I had remembered, because my friend might be upset to catch 4-6 fingerling's after this adventure. The fishing trip was superb, not because we caught a lot of fish or that there were trophy's to be had but it confirmed that I am a serious addict, I caught the biggest fish and rubbed it in for the rest of the evening. Only to be out done by him the next trip and yep I still hear about it.