Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recon Road Trip - Final Stop - Middle of Know where?

Stopped by a favorite spring Stillwater just to get a feel for what's going on. I really like this area for its remote feeling and just "being away" from the crowd's effect it has. I really never see another person when I visit this awesome place so it has become a favorite.

Well the first place was frozen solid. High elevation lakes are still feeling the winters freeze. Great actually, at least winter happened somewhere…lol… Oh well, off to another. Well this little adventure turned into a "follow your nose" operation.

Good thing we chose that route. Here at this gem I caught this monster Tiger Trout. Wow!! I was so excited! No net landed it fine snapped a few pictures, I was nt really thinking at this point, trying to keep it in the water with a light grip and try to quickly snap some photos. I should have measured it or something other than 2' past my elbow and actually shot a photo of it lying along side my rod. Oh well, I am estimation it at 22-24". Not sure about the weight but 3-4lbs is a guess. The catch and release record is 20". This has broken that record for sure but how to prove it…ummm… might not be able to

Take a guess??

Driving down to the river we passed another hundred deer. They were everywhere, the hills were literally crawling with deer feeding and doing nothing really. Fished a beautiful river and catching extremely spooky trout. Regina went on a hike and snapped some great photos. I continued to fish the river and eventually caught up with each other and again she got a few more great shots. We continued down the road and came to the crossroads…mud…now the roads have not been that great to begin with, snow, muddy ruts and slushy mud. This however was different, I tried to make it but there was no way whatsoever that we could get across. Almost got stuck and decided that if we got stranded here there might not be a way out or even worse nobody is going to come here. So we came to the decision to call it a trip and head home .

It was a much-needed spur of the moment trip and I am glad we chose to do so. At some point I think that everyone needs to just pick up and go wherever, make no set rules and follow your nose…go with the flow.

Recon Road Trip - Second Stop - Off the Beaten Path

We decided to go to an area that is off the beaten path to do some sight seeing and fish, two stone… The Drive itself is worth the trip; there are amazing mountain ranges with endless illusions. Arriving at the hatchery, the parking was empty. We took a stroll through the tanks to see the future Trout that I will be catching…lol..

The hike has much to offer, a small windy trail flows through the
terrain next to the stream. Along the way there are petroglifs, ancient graffiti. Over time some folks thought it might be "cute" to disgrace our history and paint over some of them and chip them off, lame. It was very cool to see up close and in person.

Walking the trail we noticed a Yellow-bellied Marmot perched high on a perfect look out rock. Eight hours later on the way back he was in the same place just slightly to the left, crazy animals.

Venturing down the trail four miles, this tributary flows into the Green River. This particular area of the Green is chocolate water. The sites are unbelievable, just a vast land with so manypossibilities. The Goats thought so as well.
Started to work my way back up, fast water with pockets, my style for sure. I felt at home. Regina went for a hike and got some great photos. Rainbow after rainbow the fishing was steady. The larger ones seem to be closer to the bottom but nonetheless I was having a great time. I managed to get this "one-of-a-kind" Ghost Trout…lol… I also managed to hook myself in the hand on the next one. The biggest fish was the one that didn't get a photo.

Fishing this area reminded me why I want a shorter rod. Tight trees and bush make you earn you casts. Roll cast were sometimes difficult, so I choked up and it seemed to work all right. The biggest problem I had was setting the hook, if you missed the strike you rig was now wrapped around
everything and re-rigging become the norm.

Had a great time and I will return again soon.
Untill then..

Recon Road Trip - First stop - Green River

Due to recent depressing events in our life we had to get out of town. Grabbed the maps, camping and fishing gear and set no rules. Heading East towards the sun, we set off to explore some remote fishing areas, go for a hike and just reflect. It felt good to hit the road again, dawn is my favorite time of the day, and I have come to enjoy the feeling and thoughts of watching the change of night into day. The colors are always different and the clouds seem to create a new masterpiece with out fail. Decided to head to the Green River, it’s a good destination to travel from due to its location near so many places that I visit. It would give us a clue to what the weather and hatches are doing.

Arriving there shortly after breakfast we set off up stream. It shaped up to be a great morning, warming temps and a midge hatch coming off. Regina had many hookups but nothing brought all the way in. I was doing my same tactics that consisted of frantically over thinking everything, changing f lies, rigs, presentations, leaders and lines….jeez…I finally set up for dry fly action, mostly due to the fish going crazy on the surface, fins and splashes galore but I had thrown the kitchen sink at th em and I thought that this was a good time to switch over to the obvious method, duh….Sometimes I get the best of myself but I am glad that most of the time I pull it together enough to get one or two.

Wind was really kicking up so we set off to search for back eddies. Glad that decision was made. For the rest of the day the dry fly action was entertaining. I chose to pump a few stomachs to really key in on the size and color. This produced an increase to catch rate and hits. All in all got a few dozen on top and emergers and left with a smiling face.

Driving away from little hole my thought was that I will not frequently visit this place in the summer, although its always a great time, I must note that the fish were hammered, missing lips, holes and just in poor shape, and there is always a crowd, just not my style…So long and thanks, until next winter.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Winter Mixed Bag

Andy's Nice Fat end the football

Another Rocky Mountain Bone Fish

Ventured out again, my summer fishing partner decided to take a break from the snow to enjoy a day on the water. Sunny skies gave way to a beautiful warm day. There was a prolific Midge hatch going on. This particular spot is not known for its dry fly action. The fish weren't rising, but feeding they were feeding on nymphs and emergers. We tied on the secret flies and began to pick up fish, well I began to get into them, Andy was still trying to figure out the nymphing game. After many hits and even more LDR's he finally got one, then another. Great day to be out and a variety of fish too boot; Browns, Rainbows and Rocky Mountain Bone's. Ended the day with over a dozen and Andy had a few including this nice fat football bow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

In Loving Memory of Trent Wade

Trenton James Wade 7/1/1978 ~ 3/7/2007 Our free spirit, Trenton James Wade beloved son, brother, friend, companion and Mason left his family and friends suddenly March 7, 2007. Born July 1, 1978, in Salt Lake City to Kelly James Wade and Mona Johnson. Trenton had a very tender and sincere heart and gave love to all that he met unconditionally. He loved the outdoors and was an avid snow boarder and skater with all of his many life long friends, such as the Wasatch Stallions and the Subi crew, for over 20 years. Survived by his parents Kelly and Lynda Wade and Mona and Chris Johnson, sisters Tasia Edwards and Bridgette Burkman, brothers, Peter Johnson, Blake Edwards, Jered and Josh Burkman, grandmother, Ya-Ya Jean Lamproproulos, his nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends all of his Masonic brothers and his love Miristi Gee. Trent was a Member of Progress Lodge #22 F. & A.M and was serving as Senior Deacon. Trent became a Free Mason Oct. 25, 2003 and was a very active and dedicated member. He was a member of both the Scottish and York Rite, becoming a 32 Degree Mason on Nov. 20, 2004 and a Knight Templar in September 2006 of the Colorado River Fall Festival, Laughlin, Nevada. Your time with the craft was short here on earth and served well and I know our supreme Grand Master of the Universe will receive you well with open arms and welcome you with kind words. Well done thy good and faithful son. You will be missed companion sir Knight. As I loved you unconditionally with all my heart, your dad. Your message to all your brothers and be upheld. My beloved son, we will never forget the love and support you always expressed to all of us. We will all miss you deeply and will forever while here on earth. As your mother I have asked Kid Charlemagne and the Angels to look over you until we reunite again. I will forever have you in my heart, we all love you, your mother. My little Trentie, I love you so much. You were respected, admired and loved more than you'll ever know. You always stayed true to your heart, your sport, your friends and your life. You will be missed. "Looked at you last!" Love, your sister. A viewing will be held Sat., March 10, 2007 at the Cannon Mortuary, 2460 E. Bengal Blvd. (7600 S.) from 2-4:30 p.m. A Memorial "Celebration of His Life" will be held, Tues., March 13, 2007, 2 p.m. at the Masonic Temple, 650 E. South Temple. In lieu of flowers donations will be accepted by the America First Credit Union "The Trenton Wade Memorial Trust Fund" set up for support groups of grieving families in need. Memorials may be sent to


We have been good friends for quite sometime. Wherever I was in the world we always kept in touch. You are an inspirational character with a passion for life and the desire to be free. I was always impressed with the way you humbly carried yourself and your willingness to help others, you are of the finest kind. You will be deeply missed and always remembered and you're going to make those future pow days especially hard on me. We came to know each other through the magic and power of the mountains. I remember the days of learning new tricks and pushing it in the backcountry. Those have been some of the most unforgettable times that I can commit to memory. You have educated me in numerous life-long lessons and I cannot thank you enough. I hope that you found what you are searching for. May you go in peace and skate the streets of Heaven and slash the powder in the sky. I am and will always be, proud to call you my brother!

One love and One heart

Johnny Cash - Highwayman
I fly a starship across the Universe divide
And when I reach the other side
I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain...and I'll be back again