Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recon Road Trip - Second Stop - Off the Beaten Path

We decided to go to an area that is off the beaten path to do some sight seeing and fish, two stone… The Drive itself is worth the trip; there are amazing mountain ranges with endless illusions. Arriving at the hatchery, the parking was empty. We took a stroll through the tanks to see the future Trout that I will be catching…lol..

The hike has much to offer, a small windy trail flows through the
terrain next to the stream. Along the way there are petroglifs, ancient graffiti. Over time some folks thought it might be "cute" to disgrace our history and paint over some of them and chip them off, lame. It was very cool to see up close and in person.

Walking the trail we noticed a Yellow-bellied Marmot perched high on a perfect look out rock. Eight hours later on the way back he was in the same place just slightly to the left, crazy animals.

Venturing down the trail four miles, this tributary flows into the Green River. This particular area of the Green is chocolate water. The sites are unbelievable, just a vast land with so manypossibilities. The Goats thought so as well.
Started to work my way back up, fast water with pockets, my style for sure. I felt at home. Regina went for a hike and got some great photos. Rainbow after rainbow the fishing was steady. The larger ones seem to be closer to the bottom but nonetheless I was having a great time. I managed to get this "one-of-a-kind" Ghost Trout…lol… I also managed to hook myself in the hand on the next one. The biggest fish was the one that didn't get a photo.

Fishing this area reminded me why I want a shorter rod. Tight trees and bush make you earn you casts. Roll cast were sometimes difficult, so I choked up and it seemed to work all right. The biggest problem I had was setting the hook, if you missed the strike you rig was now wrapped around
everything and re-rigging become the norm.

Had a great time and I will return again soon.
Untill then..



I HATE YOU! What a nice place! That Canyon is my dream! I have been talk to my friends for monthes about that place...
OK... thanks for the nice report!! : )

Anonymous said...

funny, i just flew over the green today...was looking for the hole and wondering if i could see it from my 38000 foot vantage....?? well im not sure to examine the map closely....



The photos are so great!! Very professional! I love the one you were stealthy in small creek... fabulous! can't wait for the coming summer...Thanks for the report...