Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recon Road Trip - Final Stop - Middle of Know where?

Stopped by a favorite spring Stillwater just to get a feel for what's going on. I really like this area for its remote feeling and just "being away" from the crowd's effect it has. I really never see another person when I visit this awesome place so it has become a favorite.

Well the first place was frozen solid. High elevation lakes are still feeling the winters freeze. Great actually, at least winter happened somewhere…lol… Oh well, off to another. Well this little adventure turned into a "follow your nose" operation.

Good thing we chose that route. Here at this gem I caught this monster Tiger Trout. Wow!! I was so excited! No net landed it fine snapped a few pictures, I was nt really thinking at this point, trying to keep it in the water with a light grip and try to quickly snap some photos. I should have measured it or something other than 2' past my elbow and actually shot a photo of it lying along side my rod. Oh well, I am estimation it at 22-24". Not sure about the weight but 3-4lbs is a guess. The catch and release record is 20". This has broken that record for sure but how to prove it…ummm… might not be able to

Take a guess??

Driving down to the river we passed another hundred deer. They were everywhere, the hills were literally crawling with deer feeding and doing nothing really. Fished a beautiful river and catching extremely spooky trout. Regina went on a hike and snapped some great photos. I continued to fish the river and eventually caught up with each other and again she got a few more great shots. We continued down the road and came to the crossroads…mud…now the roads have not been that great to begin with, snow, muddy ruts and slushy mud. This however was different, I tried to make it but there was no way whatsoever that we could get across. Almost got stuck and decided that if we got stranded here there might not be a way out or even worse nobody is going to come here. So we came to the decision to call it a trip and head home .

It was a much-needed spur of the moment trip and I am glad we chose to do so. At some point I think that everyone needs to just pick up and go wherever, make no set rules and follow your nose…go with the flow.

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dood. NYCE FISH. WoW. damn bryan that was pretty...hmmmm, where weeere uuuu? im thinking maybe i been on a fire close to that one....maybe....