Thursday, March 8, 2007

Winter Mixed Bag

Andy's Nice Fat end the football

Another Rocky Mountain Bone Fish

Ventured out again, my summer fishing partner decided to take a break from the snow to enjoy a day on the water. Sunny skies gave way to a beautiful warm day. There was a prolific Midge hatch going on. This particular spot is not known for its dry fly action. The fish weren't rising, but feeding they were feeding on nymphs and emergers. We tied on the secret flies and began to pick up fish, well I began to get into them, Andy was still trying to figure out the nymphing game. After many hits and even more LDR's he finally got one, then another. Great day to be out and a variety of fish too boot; Browns, Rainbows and Rocky Mountain Bone's. Ended the day with over a dozen and Andy had a few including this nice fat football bow.

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Kristian said...

Good times.