Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream Streams_The Bucket Place - Kamchatka

Where is that one place you dream of fishing before you die?

I've been lucky enough to have fished in many waters, in many far off places, in Salt and Fresh. I've checked off my all time favorite many, many times, the giant Blue Fin Tuna. But after the decade of chasing the largest game fish on a daily basis, after chasing those future plans that follow, and after your home waters are as familiar as the house you grew up in... where is that one place you want to go fish. Maybe its not the actual fish you want to catch, but the place where the feeling of fishing lives.

My bucket place is hands down Kamachatka. Who knows if I'll ever really get there. But I am going to try. I think that the anticipation over the many years will surpass all the expectations I have for it. Who know if I'll ever get there, but I will dream of it often.... when times are not spent on water.... when works sucks and its the only thing that keeps me sane..er...insane... what? You know we all do it, dream, so where is yours?

Felt Soul Media partnered with The Fly Shop to document an epic fly fishing journey to Russia's remote Kamchatka Peninsula... BIG RAINBOWS eating mice. That rekindled a old day dream I had years back. But now, a bit older and dumber, I'm going to try to go.... Somehow, someway, before I did, I want to fish in paradise.

Eastern Rises | teaser from felt soul on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's On Your Back? ...William Joseph_"Exodus"

What's on Your Back?

Product review --> William Joseph "EXODUS" backpack

I'm a gear junkie, always have been always will be I guess. More often not a good portion of my week is spent with a pack on. Be it snow or fishing, there is always something to lug around and I always have something that I want changed.

Fishing packs have always bothered me. Most are just a school pack with a logo slapped on. Very few could actually carry weight properly. I'm not sure why but maybe it's due to the lack of overall use of a pack. With drift boats and easily accessed water, with close parking, maybe people just don't use them. I might be just one of the few that expects more from what is always claimed as a "fishing designed pack". I always think who the hell designed this? Perhaps that fly-fishing just isn't core enough; the people that surround it will accept any fancy logo no matter the quality and intention of the company. With so many poor products out there trying to make a buck of the masses, anglers should be more aware and only support the core. By keeping companies responsible for their lack of integrity, maybe a better product will be made and we will all be happier on the water. We have so many other things to worry about on the water, like what fly, where the fish are biting, why do I keep hanging up in the trees.... worrying about gear falling apart or the uncomfortable thing digging in your back, due lack of thought, shouldn't ever be on our minds.

Over time, thought trail and error you find what suites you, or better yet what doesn't suite you. I don't think I have ever found THE perfect pack, it just doesn't exist. But for my personal taste, I have narrowed it down to needs instead of wants....suspension system and weight.

William Joseph Exodus pack--> http://www.williamjosephfishing.net/

Exodus Backpack (average daily use)

Days on water – 200+

Contents – 10-30+ pounds: Camera, battery's, lenses, raincoat, 4-8 boxes, reel + spool(s), TP, Cigs, Red Bulls (2-4), extra leaders, lunch, 2x powerbar, headlamp,etc, etc

Overall - The suspension system is by far an asset and makes this product stand out among fishing packs. It is the sole reason I own this product. The overall shape is very sleek and light. The shoulder straps are slim and fit very well. The waist belt accommodates the (potential) weight this pack can carry; very rare with fishing packs. For 2009 other companies are following, not leading. By altering the pack to more of a user friendly layout, it will still stand at the top for years to come. Sometimes I wish the backpack was larger and other times smaller, BUT it's a good medium sized pack suited for a long day in burly terrain. I never leave home without this pack, its goes everywhere I do.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Sponsor_William Joseph

New Sponsor!

William Joseph
Link -->

I am proud to be working with and supported by William Joseph. I feel they offer many quality fishing specific products. They are a company that I am willing to stand behind, not only because of the product but also because of the fantastic customer service.

This upcoming year, I'll be using and abusing the latest and greatest in hopes of providing valuable information in making better products.... used by fisherman made for fisherman.

Thanks for your support guys, with your help my dreams are a reality.

Support our core companies

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Urban Fishing for Golden Bones... aka Carp

Bryan_Golden Bone_carp_Grizzphoto_002

Most of my fishing is spent targeting places which take a lot of time and effort to get to. I depend on having at least one entire day off do accomplish this. But lately I've been working half-day shifts, early mornings are now spent at work. This puts a damper on my fishing adventures and leaves me with very little options. For one, and the most important....How am I going to fish with just a few hours do so? Its not really long enough to go explore anywhere but its the perfect amount of time to take a cruise around the neighborhood and see what's swimming around.

There are many urban fishing ponds, dikes and canals around if you look for them. Grizz and I headed out to see what we could find around town.
With only a few hours to cast a line we didn't care what it was as long as it had fins.

We hit up a the first inner city spots. It contained many spooky carp, some gold fish and the water looked like it contained many potential harmful diseases. It did however hold fish, so it was a no brainier and we rigged up sighted out target and started casting.

It was a fun spot. I hooked into a few nice little fish, one which shot down the canal in full speed. The fish ran under a plastic grocery bag that was half-full of sewer looking water. The weight of the bag on my leader caused me to lose the fish. It was my first time loosing a fish to urban snags, ha ha. I guess I should have known better.

We decided to poke around a little closer to home. Within 1 minute of my house, hidden behind corporate America sits a gem. Here hold some urban submarines. Dog walkers, bums, kids and bike cops all wondered what the hell we were doing. The cops didn't even check us for our license but they were curious to our intentions. They peddled on snickering I'm sure.

It was a great find and one that will remain hidden amongst the city life until others like us decide that a few precious hours are better spent on water, even if it has the sounds of cars, horns and jackhammers.

Photos by Grizz

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Matching the Hatch - late winter

Ralphy and I decided to to go and play "the match the hatch game" on a local tailwater. It's a fun but yet frustrating game, sometimes.

The game for us is simple... match the hatch

It can get rather exciting at times, when you have riffled through 20 or so patterns to finally find"The One". But "The One" only lasts for a half hour or so before it goes cold. And then the cycle continues.

When times get tough, a stomach sample is in order. Sometimes, its just good to see what the fish are actually eating. I'm sure some out there will have issues with this tactic, some might even say it's cheating. But I assure you, I use very sharp hook as well, when I catch my fish ;)

I understand that the fish would probably take a variety of bugs. Some that might not resemble anything. But that is not the point of this interesting game. It's a fun and challenging day, but very rewarding. I do find that I learn more about fishing when I take the time to investigate the details. Sometimes, none of my bugs are eaten and sometimes all of them get mangled... but its all apart of the experience that surrounds the love for fish.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Published - Catch Magazine_as an angler

So far this year has been nothing short of fantastic, but I'm sure its bound to stop sometime...I was lucky enough to get a few shots published as an angler in the latest issue of Catch Magazine. All photos are by Corey Kruitbosch

Corey Kruitbosh had an amazing introduction showcase in the latest issue of Catch Magazine. As I was flipping
through one tasty image after another I noticed a few shots that looked familiar.. ha ha ha.

A big congrats to Cor for a sick spread! I'm positive we will all be seeing more of him in the future. In this
day and age, his art is pushing others to re-evaluate what is creativity, and what the future might bring. Hopefully it will be more youthful and expressive than ever before. Cor seems to be right on track and it shows..... and it's awesome to watch the progression happen... not to mention being in front of his lens. I'm glad we got some shots this winter, I guess that freezing morning paid off afterall ; )

Check out Corey Kruitbosh here

Friday, May 1, 2009

Published - This is Fly, Issue #17

Last year I went on an adventure with Jay Morr to a local water in search of a genetically altered fish, Tiger Musky. Recently, this trip was on of many that were featured in Jay Morr's article "The Chase" in This is Fly magazine. Czech it out now!

Congrats to Jay for a job well done... its another great chapter in the on going adventure we all call life..

Jay Morr's websites