Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's On Your Back? ...William Joseph_"Exodus"

What's on Your Back?

Product review --> William Joseph "EXODUS" backpack

I'm a gear junkie, always have been always will be I guess. More often not a good portion of my week is spent with a pack on. Be it snow or fishing, there is always something to lug around and I always have something that I want changed.

Fishing packs have always bothered me. Most are just a school pack with a logo slapped on. Very few could actually carry weight properly. I'm not sure why but maybe it's due to the lack of overall use of a pack. With drift boats and easily accessed water, with close parking, maybe people just don't use them. I might be just one of the few that expects more from what is always claimed as a "fishing designed pack". I always think who the hell designed this? Perhaps that fly-fishing just isn't core enough; the people that surround it will accept any fancy logo no matter the quality and intention of the company. With so many poor products out there trying to make a buck of the masses, anglers should be more aware and only support the core. By keeping companies responsible for their lack of integrity, maybe a better product will be made and we will all be happier on the water. We have so many other things to worry about on the water, like what fly, where the fish are biting, why do I keep hanging up in the trees.... worrying about gear falling apart or the uncomfortable thing digging in your back, due lack of thought, shouldn't ever be on our minds.

Over time, thought trail and error you find what suites you, or better yet what doesn't suite you. I don't think I have ever found THE perfect pack, it just doesn't exist. But for my personal taste, I have narrowed it down to needs instead of wants....suspension system and weight.

William Joseph Exodus pack-->

Exodus Backpack (average daily use)

Days on water – 200+

Contents – 10-30+ pounds: Camera, battery's, lenses, raincoat, 4-8 boxes, reel + spool(s), TP, Cigs, Red Bulls (2-4), extra leaders, lunch, 2x powerbar, headlamp,etc, etc

Overall - The suspension system is by far an asset and makes this product stand out among fishing packs. It is the sole reason I own this product. The overall shape is very sleek and light. The shoulder straps are slim and fit very well. The waist belt accommodates the (potential) weight this pack can carry; very rare with fishing packs. For 2009 other companies are following, not leading. By altering the pack to more of a user friendly layout, it will still stand at the top for years to come. Sometimes I wish the backpack was larger and other times smaller, BUT it's a good medium sized pack suited for a long day in burly terrain. I never leave home without this pack, its goes everywhere I do.


JayMorr said...

Nice! It is about time we get someone to sport the Willy J. that can truly put it through the ringer! I have been disappointed some what with Willy J. and their gear. They get a good idea and develop it. I feel they do not do enough development and R&D on the product before coming out with an entirely new line up the following year. Hopefully with the amount of fishing and water you see during the year you can give them some serious feedback. They definitely need it and I am glad to see this product in your hands.


BG said...

Thanks for the words man... AND great thoughts Jay.

Willy J is really hitting the R&D pretty hard now and are all about getting quality input. I think most company's have a hard time getting quality constructive criticisms. With the masses amounts of products that are given away, useful feedback is minimal. Most folks just say the standard "its awesome" type of stuff, as sort of a thanks you. BUT, we both know this doesn't help progression.

I hope to help provide good,honest feedback from products I use and abuse in order to make them better. It's a homegrown company and I would love to see it progress in a positive way.

Thanks again for your thoughts, its always appreciated.