Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Urban Fishing for Golden Bones... aka Carp

Bryan_Golden Bone_carp_Grizzphoto_002

Most of my fishing is spent targeting places which take a lot of time and effort to get to. I depend on having at least one entire day off do accomplish this. But lately I've been working half-day shifts, early mornings are now spent at work. This puts a damper on my fishing adventures and leaves me with very little options. For one, and the most important....How am I going to fish with just a few hours do so? Its not really long enough to go explore anywhere but its the perfect amount of time to take a cruise around the neighborhood and see what's swimming around.

There are many urban fishing ponds, dikes and canals around if you look for them. Grizz and I headed out to see what we could find around town.
With only a few hours to cast a line we didn't care what it was as long as it had fins.

We hit up a the first inner city spots. It contained many spooky carp, some gold fish and the water looked like it contained many potential harmful diseases. It did however hold fish, so it was a no brainier and we rigged up sighted out target and started casting.

It was a fun spot. I hooked into a few nice little fish, one which shot down the canal in full speed. The fish ran under a plastic grocery bag that was half-full of sewer looking water. The weight of the bag on my leader caused me to lose the fish. It was my first time loosing a fish to urban snags, ha ha. I guess I should have known better.

We decided to poke around a little closer to home. Within 1 minute of my house, hidden behind corporate America sits a gem. Here hold some urban submarines. Dog walkers, bums, kids and bike cops all wondered what the hell we were doing. The cops didn't even check us for our license but they were curious to our intentions. They peddled on snickering I'm sure.

It was a great find and one that will remain hidden amongst the city life until others like us decide that a few precious hours are better spent on water, even if it has the sounds of cars, horns and jackhammers.

Photos by Grizz



Nice photos! Grizz.

I can image how much fun you guys had for the urban adventure! Will bring my snoopy rod next time!

Ben said...

Nice, I want to target some golden ghosts within the next few weeks, gotta christen the 8 weight.

BG said...

It's amazing what you can find if you actually look for it... whatdayaknow, 1 minute away from my house swims a prissy, picky, spooky and for me hard to catch gem... it is a training playground!

Go get em Ben! its a blast!

Mark - these are not a big as your Alabama fish. Knowing you, you'll way be over-gunned with your snoopy rod... Jedi mind tricks perhaps ;)

CoreyK said...

Great story and pics!

RC said...

Fun stuff, I loved catching those as a kid.Plus on a slow day catching a carp is better than nothing! We should go fishing sometime.