Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream Streams_The Bucket Place - Kamchatka

Where is that one place you dream of fishing before you die?

I've been lucky enough to have fished in many waters, in many far off places, in Salt and Fresh. I've checked off my all time favorite many, many times, the giant Blue Fin Tuna. But after the decade of chasing the largest game fish on a daily basis, after chasing those future plans that follow, and after your home waters are as familiar as the house you grew up in... where is that one place you want to go fish. Maybe its not the actual fish you want to catch, but the place where the feeling of fishing lives.

My bucket place is hands down Kamachatka. Who knows if I'll ever really get there. But I am going to try. I think that the anticipation over the many years will surpass all the expectations I have for it. Who know if I'll ever get there, but I will dream of it often.... when times are not spent on water.... when works sucks and its the only thing that keeps me sane..er...insane... what? You know we all do it, dream, so where is yours?

Felt Soul Media partnered with The Fly Shop to document an epic fly fishing journey to Russia's remote Kamchatka Peninsula... BIG RAINBOWS eating mice. That rekindled a old day dream I had years back. But now, a bit older and dumber, I'm going to try to go.... Somehow, someway, before I did, I want to fish in paradise.

Eastern Rises | teaser from felt soul on Vimeo.


Scott said...

Mine is fishing for Grand Trevally and monster Bonefish in Seychelles. Best flats fishing in the world.


welcome to the holy land in Asia! Nice one! Scott

Mine is the Middle Provo! You never know what kind of character you will meet in MP! The bonus, it is so close to the hospital, I know I will still fishing with my mask when I hit my 90... in the MP!

BG said...

Scott - That is a dream trip for sure! Too many places to go eh?!

Mark - ha ha ha! nymphers for life! I'll come and visit you ; )

But geez man, by 90 well be living it up in some far off exotic 3rd world fishing paradise... still fishing of course! wont we? lol!!


Ha....yes... two old man either with wheelchair or oxygen mask...nymphing the lunker hole. : )

Seriously, mine parasite 1 is fishing Hokkaido for searun white spotted char. Bonus is unlimited Uni and crab sushi. : )

mike doughty said...

simply amazing and something that i could only dream of.