Monday, June 1, 2009

Published_This is Fly issue #17

Published --> This is Fly

A tag-team effort. A story based on the mad man "Cheech" and his tying sickness ; )

Corey Kruibosh shot the photos and did a terrific job. He has got some serious skills. Check out his site for more awesome pictures.

It was a fun project working with these two creative guys. I'm certain we will all be seeing more of these dudes in the future.

Corey's site -->
Cheech's site -->


haley said...

That is f-n rad. Good story, nice photos... now lets go dip some grumpys


NICE WORKS!! Gentlemen!

CoreyK said...

Great stuff Bryan ... Nice job on the writing and some great photo concepts!

Scott said...

Bad Ass! Great write-up Bryan. Perhaps you'll have to come fish Penn's Creek and do a westerner's perspective piece on it! :)