Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall Fishing - The lost Month

Not to worry everyone, I haven't forgotten about my blog. There has just been no time to post. Between working, fishing and tying flies I can barely find time to sleep let alone download pictures and trying to come up with a witty sub-par story would cut into my 4hour daily nap. I personally would rather have photos but like reading back through story's and try to decode my wittings.

So far fishing has been better than than I could have hoped for. Well, not really but it been really good. Traveled to Montana, Wyoming and everywhere between and logged some serious miles on my no longer boots (Korkers). I actually put them to rest today. A brief stink here on earth they couldn't keep the pace and fell apart. Brand new in June and utterly finished last month but until the sole was actually lost entirely (yesterday) I had no choice but to put them down. There will be an update this winter regarding the piece of junk boots and terrible customer service.

Marks Sage fly rod was fixed by master builder Cheech. He did a better than superb job rebuilding the rod and crated a beautiful cork handle. Pics will be coming soon.

Started Czech nymphing... yeah, yeah Mark I can hear you laughing at me : ) here comes the "I told ya so" but that's OK. Now tell me everything about the Czech fishing..he he he

Found a few great patterns and have taken a few hundred photos. So there should be at least one or two decent shots to post. With the warm weather we have been having I'm still hunting fish full throttle.

So..... until the snow falls I'll be on the water and the reports will just have to wait.