Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fly of the Week....... Sow Bug

Well... I have been working on trying to make my ball of dubbing actually look like something: A "Sow bug". With the help of some newly acquainted friends, thanks guys you know whom you are, I have my final proto-type. So, off to the river to test out the new and improved, it's actually an old Jedi pattern just a new one to me...... It worked better than I had anticipated. Finished the day off with 17+ fish and a beautifully colored Brown Trout. Can't wait to give another shot at a secluded winter fishery................................................................................. to be continued

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter Sunset

Winter has finally arrived. It has been a slooow start, but anything at this point is better than nothing at all. This photo was taken in the Utah backcounty at sunset. Everyone was trying to get in one last shot in before the sun left for the day. Got a cool shot and rode out in the dark, kinda sketchy since nobody had a headlamp, great adventure.
Photo by Will Wissman

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Green 2

Early morning dawn patrol... Time 7:00 a.m. Overnight temperatures were in the low 20's, there is ice covering the inside of the car windows and all I can think about is getting to the river, but gotta pack and eat...quickly.Thinking about what ammo to use today..... Streamers/buggers gotta go with what I know.

We started the hiking at 8:00 a.m. It was actually warming up quickly..... or.... was it that I was almost at running pace on the trail, trying to get to the river. We came to some nice stretch of the river and decided to toss a few casts before moving on. Regina had a few hard hits and I managed to pick up one....on the streamer/bugger I might add..

Keeping with the game plan, we headed in a few miles to a great section of the river. It was looking great so I decided to nymph?? Regina rigged with a bugger and was having hit after hit. I was casting frantically, over thinking things once again. Then all of the sudden I heard a laugh, she is on. The reel is screaming, she can barely hold the rod up. I ran over to tighten the drag, helped hold the rod tip up, she couldn't take in line when reeling, the fish was running. The next five minutes seemed like an hour. She was doing quite well in light of my coaching, in my most encouraging loud voice :) She was gaining on it, I again helped her hold the rod tip up and this time I felt the full weight of the fish. A few more minutes went by, I went for the camera and then I heard... snap... the line broke. She couldn't hold the rod tip up and the second it went down it parted off. Oh well... it was a great fight! The fish won that round. We felt bad about leaving a fly in the fishes mouth but there is really nothing we could do but learn from this and keep going. She was tired after that battle so we decided to rest... she decided to rest, I kept fishing. Now that I had seen all the action she was getting ,I rigged with a bugger. Why I went to nymphing is beyond me... Out thinking myself once again.

Well, I sure am glad that I made the switch to a bugger. I managed to pick up a dozen and had many more LDR's. What a great day! Temperatures were in the upper 40's. The river was relatively empty and I finally got into some fish. I learned a lot and wish that the adventure wasn't coming to an end. It always seems too short...can't wait till the next trip.
The might Green River. Wish I had a drift boat but the anticipation of fishing this place again will keep me wanting to hike in further.

Green River 1

Dawn patrol.... Regina and I Left the house at 4:30 a.m. Headed for the Green River. With temperatures warming and the snowboarding not so great we headed out in search of fish. Our goal is to be fishing by 10:00 a.m. With a 4 hour drive and an hour to hike we are anticipating the adventure.
Right on time....The "Gorge". Below the dam is the Green river.

The hike is a fun one. With spectacular views of the river and the landscape. The anticipation is growing stronger..... gotta get to the water pronto.

Well... the day was great. I had way too many LDR's (long distance release) a few FR (foot release) and picked up just one. I was out thinking myself. there was a small Midge hatch so I rigged and re-rigged...dry, dry with emerger, smaller dry with emerger, two dries, dry with nymph, smaller dry with micro dry...wam...wam... so small having a hard time hooking fish because lack of action I set the hook too hard. So micro dry it is.... what no hatch..ahhhh... Rig for nymphing lost a few. Tough day but a fun adventure. Tomorrow redemption!

Nice looking browns. Great colors!

Dinner time. Yep, that's right fast, easy, no hassle cooking! We are on a fishing trip not an eating trip. The more time you spend on cooking the less time for fishing :) Off to get some sleep. 9:00 P.M.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Time Lapse Photo

This time lapse photo was taken at Brighton, Utah by Will Wissman. You can see the stars streaking through the background. It was very dark and hard to figure out what was going on, not to mention that you have a flash going off right in your face.

Krystal Killer

Well... here is my best impression of the Krystal Killer Fly. It is really fun seeing progress on each fly. By the time I finish my "bakers dozen",I find that my last one is far better than the first one. So, I guess I will give them away and try to make better looking ones. LOL

We Won.... Picture of the Week!

Picture of the week on

Thanks to photographer Andy Hailey for patiently taking the time to capture this moment.

Kind of funny though... with the winnings Andy can finally get a new reel. The soda can wasn't quite cutting it :)

This photo is up for a drawing for the picture of the month!