Friday, June 5, 2009

Catch and Release Photo contest _FLYFISHERGIRL.COM

FLYFISHERGIRL.COM hosted a photo contest....The topic was Catch and release.

My friend Mark (Yuhina) called me to ask if I could participate. He mentioned that it was a great cause and the website is fantastic, its good to support the good core folks.. I poked around and quickly decided that regardless of a "contest" format, it truly was a great way to get educated. Not only for old timers and gurus but the youngsters as well. There was something for everyone. Folks submitted many personal experiences and emotins whil
e enjoying their time spent on water.

Essays/photos --> click here

Go czech out the site. It's very cool --> click here

First prize - Helping to create good catch and release techniques

Second Prize - Redington Reel!

My entry..

Catch and Release is an just a way of life for some. Letting a fish go and gentle handling have always been apart of the fishing experience. It's great to see that large trophy fish swimming off into the sunset, but for the many, trophy's are not a reality. The local and exotic wild place is a gem hidden amongst the glam-fish. Quietly tucked away in pristine water lies a different kind of trophy... a pure strain native Cutthroat. These small creatures of water get the same respect and the larger breeds and require the same amount of reverence when handling. Although for these fish, their life depends on breeding, not growing to be a trophy wall hanger, but for their genes to survive the test of time.


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A few other release shots...

One of the last strong hold for Cutthroat in the west... South Fork of the Snake. It's always a pleasure and an honor watching these fish swim away. The department of fish and wildlife now asks you to now kill Rainbow Trout as they are crossbreeding with this sensitive fish. Just a thought I had while I was looking for photos to post.....I wonder how many catch and release core fisherman will sacrifice one non-native specie to save a another... something to think about in the future as we follow the water and chase the fish.


The last of the release shots... self sustaining wild brown fishery high in the desert of Utah.

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Man!! I should have keep my mouth shut!! I want that reel so bad! @@ Congratulations! Bryan. What a great writing and philosophy behind it! Great photos too!! This is awesome! : )

mike doughty said...

very nicely done bryan!

Troutdawg said...

Nice done again! said...

Fantastic entry and photography - thanks for participating and helping to educate. Your reel is on the way!

haley said...

yea' boi! The cool thing is that you do indeed practice what you preach.