Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Published - Catch Magazine_as an angler

So far this year has been nothing short of fantastic, but I'm sure its bound to stop sometime...I was lucky enough to get a few shots published as an angler in the latest issue of Catch Magazine. All photos are by Corey Kruitbosch

Corey Kruitbosh had an amazing introduction showcase in the latest issue of Catch Magazine. As I was flipping
through one tasty image after another I noticed a few shots that looked familiar.. ha ha ha.

A big congrats to Cor for a sick spread! I'm positive we will all be seeing more of him in the future. In this
day and age, his art is pushing others to re-evaluate what is creativity, and what the future might bring. Hopefully it will be more youthful and expressive than ever before. Cor seems to be right on track and it shows..... and it's awesome to watch the progression happen... not to mention being in front of his lens. I'm glad we got some shots this winter, I guess that freezing morning paid off afterall ; )

Check out Corey Kruitbosh here


mike doughty said...

corey has certainly earned it, in fact you both have earned. you guys are certainly my inspiration

CoreyK said...

Thanks for the links and the props bry!


Now there are many superstars in Utah! And I see one "super Model"! BG Ha... That's hot!! :P "That's Better stuff!" Congratulations guys!