Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recon Road Trip - First stop - Green River

Due to recent depressing events in our life we had to get out of town. Grabbed the maps, camping and fishing gear and set no rules. Heading East towards the sun, we set off to explore some remote fishing areas, go for a hike and just reflect. It felt good to hit the road again, dawn is my favorite time of the day, and I have come to enjoy the feeling and thoughts of watching the change of night into day. The colors are always different and the clouds seem to create a new masterpiece with out fail. Decided to head to the Green River, it’s a good destination to travel from due to its location near so many places that I visit. It would give us a clue to what the weather and hatches are doing.

Arriving there shortly after breakfast we set off up stream. It shaped up to be a great morning, warming temps and a midge hatch coming off. Regina had many hookups but nothing brought all the way in. I was doing my same tactics that consisted of frantically over thinking everything, changing f lies, rigs, presentations, leaders and lines….jeez…I finally set up for dry fly action, mostly due to the fish going crazy on the surface, fins and splashes galore but I had thrown the kitchen sink at th em and I thought that this was a good time to switch over to the obvious method, duh….Sometimes I get the best of myself but I am glad that most of the time I pull it together enough to get one or two.

Wind was really kicking up so we set off to search for back eddies. Glad that decision was made. For the rest of the day the dry fly action was entertaining. I chose to pump a few stomachs to really key in on the size and color. This produced an increase to catch rate and hits. All in all got a few dozen on top and emergers and left with a smiling face.

Driving away from little hole my thought was that I will not frequently visit this place in the summer, although its always a great time, I must note that the fish were hammered, missing lips, holes and just in poor shape, and there is always a crowd, just not my style…So long and thanks, until next winter.

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