Sunday, April 20, 2008

Second Bass of the Year

A bit of redemption ; ) Just a smidgen bigger than the first bass of the year.

We headed out on the fishing vessel "cheechcraft" today. I must say that gale winds, white caps and the high seas were a nightmare,(Just kidding, no high seas... thought I'd spice up the story) . Fishing was slowwwww. You could barely cast let alone navigate. Trying to get a good drift was a constant battle and casting, well that was the usual for me. I have been lucky enough to be able to fish in gale winds for the past TWO months. I am so sick of the stupid wind. Looks like Monday is going to be windy too and Tuesday and Wednesday.... gee, another week of wind will sure be neat ; )

Top and Bottom Photo by: Cheech
Cheech's blog (click link).... I tie, therefore I am



ha ha ha ha awesome shot!
A monster bass indeed! I love it! casting in the wind in cheech's shark is much better than cast from a kayak right?! Good report!

BG said...

Thanks Mark.... the first bass could live comfortably in the second bass's mouth ; ) It was a piggy. Cheech's shark is oh, so stable, even with three fully grown men (except the kid Nick j/k). After last times "someone went swimming" episode I was a bit curious to see who was going over today, especially in these conditions. Nobody went for a swim so that was an added bonus!~

A great windy day for sure!

flyfishingunlimited said...


That fish is a whopper!!!! Very, very always, top class work!

Take care,