Monday, April 7, 2008

Stillwater Tour - Day 3..... Windy, Again!

Alarm goes off, coffee maker turns on, heater turns up... gee we are spoiled hehehe. It’s the last day of the adventure. We packed all of our gear and broke down camp in a hurry. We agreed to hit a spot on the way home; it might be out of the wind and snow. As soon as we finished loading the truck and camper, yep you guessed it… it started to snow. I think a moment of silence was taken to stop the storm… it didn't work though. In no time we were in the thick of it. It was snowing sideways as usual and things weren’t looking good. A quick stop at "Mom's" for breakfast was something that we just couldn't pass up. Nothing like a greasy home cooked meal!

The wind and snow wasn't all that bad at this place. It wasn't picture perfect but it was far better than where we had come from. Although, the fishing was OK for stocked rainbows and we all managed to get a Tiger and a few healthy Cutthroats, it wasn't fishing as well as last week or that we had hoped. It was getting late and cold, we called it quits. A valiant effort for this trip by all, we stayed and fished when most would have gone home, we made the best of a poor situation and nobody complained. We drove here in the snow and now it appears we are driving home in it, figures. Overall is was a great time and I am glad I went even if all the factors are working against you, it was a cool challenge and I learned a ton.


Jose said...

The trout don´t escape. In this situation, dextery is very important.

Herb said...


I have a link to your site on my Blog as well!
Nice stuff dude! Keep up the Blogging and photo's!

Wonder if Korkers will like my review?


BG said...

Thanks for the visit fellas....

Herb - Thanks!

Jose - patients was also an importance ; )