Friday, April 11, 2008

Ice Off - Corlorful Runts... as usual

MFRW and I traveled once again in search of the elusive good "ice-off" fishing. I am certain that I have an ice-off curse. Everyday that I can go the weather is totally blown out and/or the fishing is slow and most of the fish are teeny-tiny little guys. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy every minute of my adventures but sometimes there is an urge to go catching, of the large variety. Now, I do not post every single trip on here but to give you an idea... I have hit the water 15 out of the last 26 days out of those days only a few fish were over 20" better yet over 16" and most were the 8-12" range and a ton n the 6" and under and only a few of those days it wasn't blowing like a banshee out of hell or snowing thing is a bit early and I am a tad eager to be fishing them, or I just suck at it, or I just am not at the right place at the right time or the stars aren't aligned or I forgot to fill out the spam letter and/or decided against sending it to my closest 700 friends, so I unfortunately didn't receive my wish in five minutes or the added bonus of 7 angles if I completed it in the next two minutes, dam it! The tougher the fishing the more inclined to keep at it, to figure it out. I suppose that I am a bit hard headed... hell side ways or raining. Perhaps the stillwaterMFRW is too ; ) The more we get our asses handed to us the more likely we will return for redemption. Now, on the other hand, by exploring these places so early you have a better understanding of what is going on and where its going to happen or I my case not happen. It is still fun tying flies the night before and testing your skills on 6" planter bows but the need to get some big fish under my belt is screaming louder than ever. Perhaps its the fact that I haven't fished salt water for almost 2 straight years. Perhaps its the fact that I am sucking right now and the weather is taking its toll.

While I was thinking all that this sunny, yes finally sunny, afternoon I couldn't help but admire these colorful feisty rainbows. Then I noticed the fins. I thought that was the coolest thing I had seen in a long time. The fins were perfect little rainbow full of colors. While I was mind-complaining about my "issues" I had almost forgotten why I fish today, because its fun. Its not always for the catching and more often that not its about just living, it always has been and always will be what I do, sometimes you just have of days, err, months. The mountains alone are enough for me, add water and vibrant colored fish and I really shouldn't complain. I thought how selfish I sounded. I was able to walk here, MFRW still has to hobble sometimes due to the broken leg incident. He still charges and more often than not and goes beyond the limitations that the leg was trying to set. I am able to see, well somewhat : ) Although the sun is "burning" my eyes and slowly growing "enter scientific word here" over my pupil (due to years of sun expose and poor if any sunglasses/goggles) ,but I can still see the size #32 dry, sometimes. The old guy next to me can't even see the cane he used to hike down in here. I am healthy and live a good active life and I am complaining about fishing in the wind, rain, snow and whatever else that thrown my way? HUH, interesting .....................I'll go ahead and slap myself...... ah, I feel much better now ; )


Cutthroat Stalker said...

As always, gorgeous pix! Do you have an online photo album (like Picasa)? Out of curiosity, do you take close-ups with the camera, or do you just zoom and crop in some post-production work?

You know, for someone with "My endless journey..." as a byline, we expect that the fishing is more important than the blog writing (but still can't wait for the words to accompany the pix).

Is that a white beadhead, peacock herl and white biot nymph? Unusual colors. I learned to tie a condom caddis nymph (have switched to surgical gloves - cheaper) to get the white body, but I've never used a white bead. Apparently it works.

BG said...

Thanks! I don't really have an online photo album. I use photobucket for some storage and easy sizing functions for the blog , other than that its just a bunch of clutter.

I crop a tad (1%)but the majority of the pics are "as shot". This particular fin shot was cropped just a bit to remove my knuckle. Its hard to shoot yourself sometimes, holding the fish and trying to frame a shot gets a bit busy ; ) Fun challenge.

I get in tight to shoot the close up stuff, usually zoomed all the way out and/or use the macro function. I am pretty "green" at the photography side of things, I find it fun and something to look back on.

I am a fan of Blue, there are a few guys that are using it and have had good success. I copied them ; ) The white bead represents the air trapped in the head before the hatch, works great with the Chronomids... or something like that.

Fly was tied by "cheech" (Clark Pierce)
I tie, therefore I am

Fly Pattern -
Tiemco 2487
Blue and white wire body
Peacock herl
white bead

cheech said...

Great pix once again! Some people like to fish with Zoo Cougars. Some like to fish with BYU Cougars (blue and white.)