Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Winter Fishing - Nymphing Cont..?

I woke up this morning with an urge to go back and fis…h the nymph rig and see if I can get em' again. A solo trip today was something that I needed. Grabbed my gear and headed out. I like early morning drives, the way they feel and the look of the soft morning on the mountains. There was more than fishing on my mind today and it’s a great place for to think undoubtedly. Why am I living in the city is the big question, not really sure but a change would be nice… its been two straight years, first time in 18 years since I have been in one place for longer than 6 months… I miss my pack.

I had tied a few flies last night so they probably won't be needed as usual ; ) But in fact this time I actually used them. It was another great day on the water. I was amazed on how many big birds were out. I was watching a few Bald Eagle's soar around, when I hooked into my first good fish of the morning. It was a cool moment in time, one that I won't soon forget. They flew in and out of view all day. I was hoping to see one fish.

I tried to snap as many shots as I could, they didn't turn out entirely well. It's been fun and challenging to shoot my own fish. Each time I learn something new and try something different. It's tricky sometimes and hard to get angles that I would normally look for, so you have to get creative or at least I attempt to.

The last stretch was the most excellent run of the day… finished with a smile on my face and some good fish to hand. Funny thing though, I forgot what I was whining about in the first 10 minutes of casting. Perhaps its not all that bad…it always works itself out… gotta run to work now, wish I didn't have to.


Jose said...

Impresionant blog and very beautyful photos. I visit your blog in the future.
From Spain.

Clark said...

woof woof woof. woof wooof wooooof. Bark, Growllll.. woof.



Very nice story! Indeed. Love those head shots! : )

BG said...

Hey guys... Thanks for the kind words!

WOW....Spain, Taiwan and Vernal! crazy what a small voice has to say.... ; )