Sunday, March 30, 2008

Korkers Review - Update!!

You never know what might happen.... all good things.
If I were a betting man, I would have bet that …

A) Nobody reads my blog

B) Korkers wouldn't see my post and if by some miracle they did, things would be swept beneath the carpet.

Well, well, well... was I mistaken. The seed planted and it grew…. Within 5 hours. That's right, 5 hours, some random person saw it and immediately contacted Korkers. It was a brief valid question. He received a response immediately. Form there it went through the grapevine and somehow, someway, the email landed in my inbox. Was I ever surprised! I was delighted, curious and apprehensive and I responded. I received a reply without delay. To be honest I figured that if I received any retort what so ever it would be to get me a pair of boots to shut me up. I know I would do ; ) So, I anticipated some strong arming or ass kissing to be shot my way. Although, I didn't allow myself to shut anyone down when someone tried to correct the situation. Things happen and when they do you can't keep shutting them down, that isn't fair, everyone deserves an opportunity to make things right. Instead it was a good down to Earth discussion. I was not handled in a "corporate" manner, but rather in a real person-to-person way, an approach that I can relate to. This impressed me more than you could ever envision. The situation was handled very professionally, responsibility was taken and the door remained open.

To my dismay, Korkers called me out on my word. In my response I said "If you have any questions or would like to put me on your R&D team feel free to contact me at any time." And they called me out on it… touché! Now I really didn't know what to do. I sought advice and really thought about it. I did say what I said, regardless if I was joking or not. I tried to take emotion out of the equation, the situation was dealt with and behind us now, so I felt there was no need to look in the past, but instead look at the future… so why not? Why slam a door when it's open? This was not what I had expected, anticipated or ever thought the outcome would turn too. It was a bold, raw, honest question and now it was my turn to answer. So I agreed. In light of a bad situation a company stood behind what they believed in, made things right and offered me a cool gig. This was a no bullshit offer I assure you and I agreed.

So, to be fair… I was WRONG, Korkers actually doesn't have good customer service they have extraordinary customer service. Nick at Korkers should be applauded for thinking outside the box. I was not only pleased with the email response and phone conversation but there was no ass kissing and no bullshit. What you see is what you get. I am stoked with the outcome… all I can say is, you never know.

Thanks Nick! I am looking forward to the upcoming year and I will do my best to beat the shit out of them again!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, and I quote…. "These boots will be the first entry into the inaugural Korkers Hall of Fame"…. ; ) Woot Woot!!


John said...

Wow! Great News.

BG said...

Thanks John! Great news indeed!

Anonymous said...

Yes, If there is anyone who uses equipment more than you I haven't met them yet. Besides you, I don't know anyone other than myself who destroys equipment and has some realistic insight into making it a better product. Congrats, I know you will be a great person to help develop their products.


Now! They got a crazy tester... will see how the product evolve : ) very nice news!!

JayMorr said...

This is fantastic news Bryan. I am very pleased to hear the latest news from Korkers. Great job!

moulwade said...

Let us know when these Korkers are Hall of Fame proof - I'm sure it won't be long with your continual critique and scrutiny :)