Friday, March 28, 2008

Streamside Observations

You never know when places are going to be good. Sometimes you just need to go and find out for yourself. That's what we did, we traveled for a few hours checking spots and curing the "what if's". After a few lakes, a few streams and a few crowded areas we headed for the last spot. The road was not clear but not that bad if you don't mind a foot or two of snow on the ground and mud puddles up to your doors.

We took a few samples to see what going on. It seemed that every rock was loaded with insect life. Some had only a few Stones some had ten of them. It was amazing. I am not that efficient in distinguishing the difference between Skwala's and Golden Stone's though. They all look the same to me ; ) So it appears that very soon big-drys are going to be tossed.

The "golden color" Stones were roughly 1 inch in size. There were some that went well over that mark. The juvenile Salmon Fly looking bugs were also in abundance.

What do you see??? No need to get tech but don't let me stop you. But please add the general name as well so I can follow ; )

This sample came from under two medium rocks.

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I really enjoy seeing those insect! Wow... you are going to have some big dry action! and big nymph action too! two thumbs up!

BG said...

Thanks mark!

Fun stuff for sure... big dry's soon!!

Anonymous said...

Great bug pictures!

Entomology is the key to became the great fly angler.

Regards from Argentina

BG said...

Thanks! I am digging the entomology more than ever at the moment. Its another great thing that the water provides us.

Best of luck in Trout Paradise! One day I'll get down there.