Friday, March 14, 2008

Streamside Observations

I am thinking of starting a weekly "Stream Observations" type of thing. I am not sure how to run the format, so any suggestions are more than welcome.

I like bugs, insects and seining is fun to me. Picking through your catch is half the enjoyment…you never know what you'll find. Lately, I catch myself in anticipation to find certain insects. To me what lives underwater is alluring, exciting and fun. The insects are amazing and carry great detail...only an artist could create such tiny intricate masterpieces.


Snow, then super snow, parting clouds then sun… we seined a small section, no shortage of insects here. A few different types of caddis, plenty of Little Yellow Sally nymphs, some big sow bugs, a ton of Baetis nymphs, midges, a few Drakes and one small leech. On the way home we passed over a tributary, the snow was covered in bugs. A closer look we discovered the highly anticipated BWO adults.

The adult Baetis was photographed under different lights...all pictures are the same insect. The interesting thing to me is the drastic color difference between the two light sources. In one light it appears as normal, another light its translucent and not the greenish color we all know.

Click on picture to enlarge.



That is toooo Awesome! Bryan...
I love your idea! Those great photos would build a nice data base for hatching chart and,most important, the tying reference... I know Cheech is watching : ) and smiling...

BG said...

Thanks Mark! Fun times, I really enjoy admiring these perhaps I'll do it.

Cheech is always watching... isn't that scary ; )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Bryan,

Your bug photos are perfect! I also think it is a great and very useful idea. Sometimes it can be so tricky to get the insect to "pose" for a did a great job!

Ben said...

Yeah, love the bug shots! I need to spend a little more time flipping rocks and seeing what is in the drift.