Friday, May 23, 2008

Third Bass of the Year

You know sometimes when you fish with guys that are totally on a different page and nothing seems to go right. You all know the ones…some that tell you what to do, what not to do, then there are the ones that race to the holes or try to make everything a competition. It's hard to find guys that are easy going and have the same attitude about fishing as you. Well fortunately for me Cheech is one of those laidback easy-going dudes that likes to have fun at all costs. I am always stoked when I am able to get out with him, although it's not often enough.

Cheech has been targeting Utah Bass with a fly for sometime now. I had been targeting East Coast Bass with gear. Now, I am using a fly and Cheech is using gear. The one thing overlooked by fly fishermen, in my opinion, is the fun of just fishing, whatever the weapon of choice. It was awesome to see a friend so stoked on a new style of fishing again, it was cool for me also this was something new as well. I'm not saying one method is better than the other, as both are equally fun to do and require just as much in depth knowledge and skill. I'm saying who cares, although the gear is different, we are all on the same page… or at least in my opinion, we all should be.

As I was fishing I couldn't help but think about the "labeler" fishermen and why they choose to do it. This thought finally came around to be the afternoons discussion…Separating fishermen with labels and categories is not a good thing. Especially when it comes to the preservation of our cherished water. We all have a something in common, the love for fish, and the feeling you get when you're surrounded by water.

Great day on the water as always, bass are so awesome. Parted ways and headed off to the north, to fish in paradise. Can't wait!


haley said...

So true, more than anything just being outdoors, in seclusion is what is is really all about!

BG said...

Andy... miss the old times brother! Now that your a stand-up guy doing the 9-5 gig we haven't fished. I am always stoked to see/hear that your still getting after it! ... you'll make yoda so proud this fall ; )

Lets hit it up soon!


I know! "Hand made by machine" Andy, gig make some great rods!

I do have a 3wt gig and land several small stripers... no one believe me how strong and sensitive this "cheapo" rod was... : )

We just love to being out! indeed...
Good writing Brother.

Secret said...

Great times out on the pond! bass with gear is a riot!