Friday, May 2, 2008

Runnoff - On Crowded Waters

Headed out to fish a river today but we found the river chocolate. Decided to hit another and the same muddy mess. Great.... We ended up at a local Hollywood roadside. I was not really into fishing pressured, crowded areas but hey, that's the last option so you make the best of it. To my surprise I had a great day nymphing big bugs, I found a place to cross and walked down to the other side. I fished this run and caught plenty-o-fish, not what I was expecting. The let down was the heaps of trash littered everywhere. It was disheartening to say the least.

Headed down canyon to the next area. The water was low and clear here and BWO were being sipped off the surface. Fished a Nick Jones protoype and did well. Fish went out of their way to eat it. Although it wasn't the hogs of the river, for this stretch they were very healthy. A good test run for sure, they made the move to the priority one box ; )

One Fish... Two Flies


Scott said...

Crowded with anglers or hungry brookies?

BG said...

well.. unfortunately there aren't any Brookies here anymore ; ) Just stunted Browns and plenty of people.

Cutthroat Stalker (a different Scott) said...

Luckily our runoff here in Cache Valley is uncrowded - it makes the non-fishing that much more pleasurable ;^)

Looks like the San Juan was working for you pretty well, yes?

BG said...

hey "a different Scott" - the San Juan is liking me right now for some reason. After the past three months of bad weather and wind, I am resorting to catching fish nah, just fishing ; )