Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Day, Another Fin

Now that spring is here and snowboarding is over its
back to just fishing. On the day's I have to work I hit
the local waters. This day was just one of the many to
come. I always like to get there early; sunrise is my
time of the day and most other fisherman are still sleeping. I enjoy fishing
solo, it has a great feeling, there's pressure and I'm on my own
schedule.Taking photos of fish can get a bit tricky but it's always a fun challenge. Nobody was around and I ended my morning session with a 8 whiteys, 8 brown and a beauty of a Cutthroat.




Those are amazing photos! Your skill is pro_level and most important is you have the ability to "see" we called "special eyes" That little water is just like paradise! wonderful! I am jealous for sure : )!

BG said...

Thanks Mark! I just shoot as much as possible. That way at least one descent shot might turn out ;)
Although, I have no skills... just get lucky sometimes.

But I think that fishing photos are really lacking creativity and originality in the magazines. And I'm not sure why.


Ha Bryan,

"shoot as much as possible. That way at least one descent shot might turn out ;)"

This is exactly what Pros are doing (and suppose be doing)!

The lacking of "seeing" things in current Mags. is due to the money in the industry... when the money pull in and when it get more competitive... you will see some nice photos coming out! And of course... you will be one of them... by then I will be your manager! Remember what I said! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...


That creek looks like a great place! The photos of fish are stunning-keep them coming...!

Gentlemen, I agree with both of you about the magazine photos-imho some of the coolest photos come from blogs like this one...(who needs magazines-OK I am joking now ;-))


BG said...

Mark - your too funny. Soon, you will be fishing this river ; )

Vlad - Thanks for the kind words. The creek is a short drive from my house, its a great place for a quick fish. I'm trying to update my blog, but fishing seems to be getting in the way ; )

Take care fellas