Monday, May 5, 2008

South Of Canada with Mike D - Day 1

A last minute quick trip sounded nice. Mike D. called, he was going to be fishing as well so we partnered up and headed for the oasis.

It's never a numbers game here, its more of a quality type of game and more often than not it has been a skunk game (not getting a zero for the day). The first stop was pretty productive, not ideal but a worthy stop. There was a lot of those good ol' white fish and I stuck a couple descent trout. Mike lucked out on a couple snooty bows, rejection after rejection, stupid picky fish.

We pushed on and fished what is usually good run; unfortunately not a fish was touched. Around the bend there was a bit of gold lying is wait. A few good looking fish were picked up and again, Mike couldn't buy a landing, two more good fish were lost. One was a really nice bow. Although, other than all the whitey's he did land a small brown that was stuffed with a enormous amount of BWO nymphs.

On the way home we received some Intel, we were coming up on the area of interest when the decision was made to stay over night and hit it in the morning. Spirits are high, hope is filling my mind, and tomorrow isn't soon enough.

last three photo's courteous Mike Doughty.... angles encouraged by me ; ) thanks Mike!

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I wish I was there with you guys! Man... what a great a great fishing story... "feel good then stay, otherwise... just move..." the story sounds like my another favorite "road film"... wait for me brother... I am coming ...coming soon...!