Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fly Pic - o2 Stonefly

I was inspired recently by a local tyer/fisherman. He has been shooting some cool really cool fly pictures the past few months. I have enjoyed watching the photo's get better and better at each attempt, the lighting gets adjusted, angles have switched, settings have changed, it looked like fun. I had been messing around shooting some other stuff and needed a break due to me being my biggest critic. So, I decided to do a test run and shoot something different, for sheer enjoyment, and in the process I tried to learn how to efficiently use photoshop... OK not efficiently.

I had recently picked up a few flies from a great tier by the name of Robert Williamson (killer bugs) and they had been sitting on the table awaiting their new box, they caught my eye and into the lights they went. For the first attempt I learned that I need better lighting, way better. Although the duct tape light-box works, it needs a helping hand.

More of Roberts ideas found here.....

Here is the start to finish shots. I know its not professional quality but it was really interesting to do... I learned a ton and it gave me some new ideas for other projects.


RnF said...

Lighting is everything. Nice work.

I posted the pattern details you asked for in the comments section. If you have any questions let me know.

Nice blog btw.

BG said...

Thanks rnf! It was a fun project.

Cool, again thanks for the info! I'll check it out.