Friday, May 23, 2008

A Day in Paradise

Arriving in paradise I was greeted with food and drink…cold Red Bull's and homemade food! Nick and Steph's place is a fly fisherman playground. Tying materials that could supply a few small shops, make it a dozen small shops, and that's only the materials, the "jar" flies could outfit a few guides all year, not including everything else, yes everything… basically a fly junkies dream. It was great to finally hang out with Nick. After many conversations about water, fish and flies and talks over sushi, I was excited to fish with the Jones's.

Well, arriving at the water it was high and off color. No biggie, we fished anyway. Had some fun with it you know, test some ideas and theory's. Not for factual stuff but just to see what happens in run-off conditions. What will they eat it, do they prefer one pattern over the next, does color matter, style, you get the picture. We fished the stream and then walked over to the lake…rinse and repeat. The lake fish were piiicccky. The fish would swim right over, check it out, taste it and then just swim away. Nick picked off a real, beauty, full of color and life… and ohh, the fins!

Steph arrived and Nick had to leave to help someone move for a few but not before we had some lunch. It seemed that these two are so busy helping others that I am amazed they find time to sleep. At around 2am that morning (night before) Nick cooked a fantastic pasta lunch for us, grilled chicken, fresh sauce and veggies... the works, tasty for sure! Nick took off for a few and Steph and I traded fish after fish, nymphing, Czeching and high-sticking. It was awesome. She was killing it! Then we headed to the lake for sippers. As soon as we switched from the nymph rig to a dry they stopped feeding on top, figures. We tossed dry's at them anyway. Steph picked up one but broke off. I just made a bunch of sloppy casts that produced some window shoppers; I think they were homeless because nobody was buying. Nick came back and we pounded the lake before deciding to move over to the river. He was tossing streamers and someone was home, the fish broke him off, bummer for sure but it must have been a hog. It was a blast fishing the river, mainly because we were all catching.

It is my understanding that this was an "off" day here and fishing tends to be fast and furious… all I have to say is WOW. Today's trip was more of a challenge for this particular place I suppose but I thought that the fishing was great overall. Tricking fish in high and off color conditions is very entertaining to do, switch it up a bit keeps me interested with fresh ideas.
We parted ways; I unfortunately have to go back to the polluted Salt Lake valley, where at this point in my life I don't want to be. I left there with so much stuff. I was given a beautiful pheasant, some flies, some materials and everything else in between. I must say that fishing with the Jones's is a time that won't be forgotten. I really enjoyed my experience up there and can't wait to return. Thanks again Nick and Steph your hospitality and giving nature is amazing, many karma points to you!


RnF said...

Really like this photo, nice work.

BG said...

Thanks man!


It looks like a great trip! BG
I do love to visit friend's tying room... it's quite an adventure also, you never know what new technique you going to learn from friends. Glad to see you guy fished the run off, hardcore indeed... yes... love those nymphing too! : )

nick said...

Best fin shot so far! BTE what do you do for a living to be able to fish so much?