Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to Paradise

I don't get up to Logan much, but every time I do its to see "The Wizard" (Nick Jones) and his better half Steph. Each time I can hardly wait to see what he has tied up or what material he has recently has skinned or what new place I need to explore. The tying materials never seem to end at the Jones house and the ideas on how to use them are also endless. The Wizard has produced some great patterns and I have enjoyed them as much as the Trout have... or thought they were going to. I always find myself super stoked on a new target of sorts after leaving. With a new purpose (usually afish of sorts) to fill my time for the next month it gives me something new to learn and I enjoy every minute of it. The Wiz has also been a great resource for me, helping me on my path to who knows where.. but most likely to fish . So making a trip up north is always a great thing.

Spicy and I headed up to do some separate business and a little bit of fishing. The Wizard got us a slot on the ranch, woo-hoo. Now knowing thi
s ahead of time I came prepared with one of his "Hopper Head" or "Legless Beetle" patterns. In one particular area this is a must have... if you want to have a ton of fun. We poked around fishing a few ponds, tossing new inventions and testing old faithfuls onfeisty Bows. I decided to toss Cheech's "Snorkel Hopper" and was happy to see theat stillwater fish also appreciate a drown hopper. Spicy was tossing his brand spanking new Gallup trailer fly with great success. The Wiz was tossing a Caddis dry before going to the "hole". The call literally came in to head over. In one pool sits about 30 fish of all sizes - small ones and very large ones. We spent a few hours tossing "Hopper heads" and "legless beetle" patterns to over eager fish. You could honestly pick it out.. or at least try to...out of the crowd, that was the game. Slapping the fly on the water created an frothy uproar, the water filled with explosive color. Every fish in the run was making an attempt to eat it before the next guy. It created for some awesome takes. More than half the time you'd pull the fly off the water because a smaller fish was going to eat it. (funny isn't it, trying not to catch fish) Doing this over and over (pulling it away) you actually miss the one you were targeting, accidentally pulling it out of its mouth due to repetition of yanking it away from the smaller fish. It was an amusement park ride filled with pure untainted fun and Adrenalin to say the least. What a blast.

Leaving the area we headed down stream. Everyone was hooking fish and just relaxing. No hurrying, no need. It was a much need fun trip, better than being a kid at Disneyland and leaving always comes too soon. We stoped in at the local restaurant for some home cooking before hitting the road home. Gotta be up early (to fish) and we still have a few hours drive home, tomorrow is going to come early.


cheech said...

great pics man. looks fun.

mike doughty said...

your post rate went from dead asleep to wired on coke. now i can't keep up with the reads. by all means keep it up though.

BG said...

Ha! I found some time to try and catch upon the posts before I head back up north for a week. Most of the available hours are between midnight and...yawn... 5am. Between those times I really don't have any thing better to do, guess I could sleep... but who needs sleep....yawn....anyway. Hopefully I get a few...yawn... more posts in before fall fishing is at full throttle.

mike doughty said...

to quote someone else: "there's plenty of time to sleep when you're dead."

BG said...

So true Mike, so true.