Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Dungeon Master and the Prince

Fall is coming and I can feel it. The river is misty, it sets the tone for the day. Overcast sky's and cool temperatures mean on thing to me, a chance to toss some streamers. Locked with a heavy grain sink-tip and an olive S.Dungeon I'm hoping for one nice follow...and a take. The past few, I mean... months of oversize-d terrestrial fishing has been above average so it was an easy choice for MFRW and DK. They both opted for a hopper/dropper rig.

A brief jaunt down the path leads to the days playground. In no time MFRW (Chris) was tight at the back the run, a feisty foot of a very healthy Brown Trout...then another. Drew stepped up to bat to take the head of the run. One minute I was fiddling around in my pack and the next DK is tight. A admirable fight brought a beautiful Dark Brown Trout to hand. By this time I was frantically trying to change lenses that I forgot to take my time and get a good shot. (Its out of focus a bit but you get the idea... and besides, I'm not a pro-tographer. )

OK, I had to know... whatcha using?
MFRW - Prince
DK - Prince

Dang, maybe I should change over.

By this time a few Prince Nymphs found their way to the corner of a few mouths. "You going to switch over yet" they yelled over at me in a snickering tone. "nah, just waiting for my hole". By this time I hadn't even made a cast, I was content trying to shoot a few pics and watch some friends get into action. A few more, this time MFRW stuck one on top. OK, I'm in the game now.

Taking turns up the river we all managed to bag fish. Streamer fishing was great, very visual and the action was nonstop. We rounded the bend where the water widens and runs fast with pockets. This was an entertaining obstacle to fish. A ton of flashes, follows and even a few takes. Boulders and drift wood crate an interesting array of casting techniques... especially the huck it and unstuck it (hang up - wiggle tip to free fly) . Ahead you can see the river takes a major left hand tun. Here lies the first of a few large deep pools. A few casts into the run you could tell it was deep. A few more casts later and a worthy specimen was getting slapped around by the articulated madness. DK grabbed my camera and snapped of a few shots while I negotiated the angles... he snapped some great pics.

The day ended and the long walk back to the car is feeling... well... long. We all had a great day and two different flies and tactics worked. Dk is moving right along and getting the hang of all the madness involved in fishing. Off to Logan tomorrow.


mike doughty said...

sweet fish bryan!


Great article! Bryan,

I really enjoy your style to lay out the story!
Of course, great photos!
Sent me some good ol fall browns! will paint some soon, Take care

BG said...

Thanks fellas.

Mark - winter must be starting soon for you... your back to painting!?!?

Looking forward to seeing this coming years masterpieces.


Ha Bryan
not masterpieces by any means...but will doodle some for you...
Can't not resist all the good fish you got! : P keep them coming...I am managing to do a lot of works at the same time... hopefully...