Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Published - Korkers: "Where to Know Episope"

The guys over at Korkers published a "Where to Know Episode" on their site. I am really stoked! Its a great opportunity for the masses to read my poor spelling and horrible grammar... but hopefully one person will be stoked enough to get out and fish. Nick C. is an exceptional guy with a honest drive to make a better product. Stay tuned for some cool stuff coming out from these guys.

This project had enabled me to meet many great folks. One of them is Scott over at Cutthroat Stlaker. He helped me edit this piece, along with my other writing (or my attempt to write) has answered all my dumb questions and given me many great suggestions. (Thanks Scott, I really appreciate all your help and patients.) I'm not a scholar nor do I pretend to be and my goal is to just have fun with it., see where it takes me and for the most part, keep it entertaining... if only for a laugh.

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How cool is that!! Waaay cool... Bryan

On the cover!! Just like all the sexy models on the magazine covers... ha...that musky is sexy!!

John said...

Congrats Brian,

I sent them a note about the broken link as follows:


The Link at the bottom of the Tiger Muskie article is broken.

Here is a link to the article:

The link at . . .visit his blog here. The Link with "Here." is broken.


John LeJeune

BG said...

Mark - Ha! very funny. The Musky is sexy though.

John - Thanks for the heads-up. I noticed it earlier and hopefully on Monday they will have it fixed. Hope your fishing soon!

cutthroat stalker said...

Way to go Bryan!

Congratulations on entering the world of the "published."

-scott c

mike doughty said...

that's totally awesome bryan. definately something to be proud of, at least in my mind. solid work once again

BG said...

Thanks for the kind words Scott and Mike!..... In my own little world I am stoked ; )

Thanks again Scott, I am very grateful for all your help!

RnF said...

Nice work, and congrats.

Wildnative said...

Very Cool Bryan. Keep at it! The "where to now" seems to be clearer for you. Congratulations!