Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Proving Grounds - Testing, Testing, Testing

Cheech called, he wants to go catch some Trout.... I know this sounds odd but the bass are getting a day off. Called Ralphy and set a date.

With the summer ending and fall around the corner now is the last chance to test out any last large new patterns and/or see if the tweaking on others pays off. Heading out with Cheech is always great time, his boxes are full of creative creations and I always find way too many that I'd love to fish. Today was hopper time and the new"stonedflopper" was already in use so I
opted to toss a new 2009 Rainy's pattern, the "Mudfoot"... but did manage to get my grubby hand on a "snorkelhopper" for later use.

The day was fantastic, a long walk in and a longer walk out created the perfect place for not seeing another soul. Some large fish were taken... and lost. I couldn't land anything on to save my life and it didn't take long before it was daily joke. The boys on the other hand landed most of theirs. I'm not sure how many different patterns Cheech tied on but its usually alot. You never know what might work. Ralphy for the first time in a long time actually fished a pattern that he didn't tie.... it didn't seem to interfere with the catching. A few never before fished patterns produced nicely. I have been fishing them for a while now with great success but I'll leave it up to Cheech to spill those beans. The patterns that I received from Rainy's fished really well, it just that the reel man sucked. But the hopper action was extremely plentiful and that's never something to complain about.


haley said...

Looks like an awesome day, and you even got Cheech off the bass that's great! He seems to be more recluse than me, plus he's hording the grumpies, w.t.f.?

mike doughty said...

i remember between the green and ham's kinda being the blunt of jokes as well, not being able to land shit.

BG said...

Andy - Better get your order in now for 2009... j/k I'd shoot him an email, I think he has yours.

Mike - Yeah, I remember that I guess its like they say "every dog has its day."


Cheech boy and trout!!
That's great images! :O)