Thursday, March 12, 2009

Published - Fly Rod & Reel, March 2009

A big thanks goes out to Greg Thomas. He did a superb job on the article. It was awesome talking about a fish to someone you held in high regards as a fisherman. Quite odd, as I always thought that if I ever got a chance to meet him, I figured it would be me asking him ; ) BUT I hope one day soon, I will have that opportunity.... Can you say...."Sea Run Cutts!"

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Photo by Grizz


Scott said...

Awesome write up Bry! Screw all of those people who sent hate mail because the old girl died. Still doesn't detract from the fact that you caught a fish every angler dreams of. You've worked hard and deserved that dream fish!


Great story and write up! Fly rod and reel!

If I only have one fisherman to trust. That would be Bryan. Period. He is the most humble and honest fisherman I ever seen. Always respect the river, respect fish and people we fish with.

Bryan told me the fish and the death of that fish almost on the same day he landed the fish. I felt his deep sorrow, and I know he already made his mind that he want to tell the true story. a story that will get a lot of different opinions... I told him people will hard on him, he still insist to tell the true story. I think this act sum his character up. A honest guy.

Big fish are especially easy to get stressed. If we don't see the fishing is a risky and bloody sport, then we better just stay at home and disconnect ourself from the river, the nature. The truth is bad policy killed more fish than what we can imagine. just my opinion. Mark

wyoflyfish said...

Well said blueangler... I couldn't sum up my feelings any more clearly than what you have written here.

I didn't realize you were getting heat from people Bryan. That is uncalled for.... You know you followed your conscious and that is what matters.