Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HOLD THE PRESS!!!! – HB 187 is BACK!!!

NO!!!!! HOLD THE PRESS!!!! –
HB 187 is BACK!!!

In an unfortunate and dramatic turn of events, Representative Ferry pulled HB 187 out for a “motion to reconsider”, the motion was GRANTED. Representative Draxler made the motion, and now HB 187 has come back to life. An amendment(s) is going to be made to the Bill in order to sway votes, which we find interesting as Rep. Ferry stated yesterday, "This amendment is totally unacceptable”.

HB 187 is now “circled” (on hold) and back on the calendar. The Bill can be back on the floor as early as tomorrow morning, March 5, 2009.

We need people at the Capitol Building tomorrow morning @9 am. (Thursday 3/5/09 and if need be on Friday 3/6/09) If you can make it, come join us.

CALL and EMAIL your Representative RIGHT NOW!! Tell them to Vote NO on HB 187!

It’s down to the wire; we need your support to kill this bill. This cannot and will not happen without your voice!

This coincides with the standing belief that the overall PROCESS of this Bill is flawed!! This last ditch effort is unwarranted and honestly, very disrespectful to the public; we should not stand for this type of behavior. Let them know where you stand (in a respectful way) and tell them that this is unacceptable.

Here is the second substitute HB 187 -->

Take action now -->

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RnF said...

LAME. We can still get this beat. Thanks for all the work you are doing Bry.

Hopefully this will be over tomorrow.