Monday, March 9, 2009



After (3) substitutes Bills, (20) amendments, the Bill failed in the House, a 43-31vote today, March 9, 2009.

The public did the unthinkable, again. Not only did they sink the Bill the first go around, but they did it again for the second time today, 3/9/09. A great deal of determination, spirit and integrity stood up and brought down HB 187 AGAIN!!!! HB 187 has been defeated once and for all!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who wrote their Representatives, called, lobbied, informed, spoke out, went with out sleep, work, food and fishing to fight for something we believe in…time and time again. Even though we encountered a few bumps in the road, we all stood together to see it through till the bitter end. Today our elected Representatives spoke on behalf of the people and once again, today, the people were heard! Everyone played a big roll in this victory, congratulations and bravo for sticking it out.

The next phase will be working to get a respectable Bill passed that meets on common ground, one that is reasonable to the Utah Supreme Court Ruling, and fair to all citizens. We must remain motivated and watchful in our attempt to protect our waters. Value our freedom and civil rights by taking care of our resource for generations to come.

Link to final vote –

We have (2) more request.

1. Please write your Representative(s) and let them know how they did. We sent thousands of emails and they answered hundreds of our calls, we need to extend our hand and say thank you! They worked hard for us; let them know you appreciate it.

If you’re rep voted “yes,” it’s perfectly fair to ask them for an explanation, particularly if they went against something they said previously. It’s OK to call them on it so long as it’s done respectfully. It’s also good to point out anglers CAN and WILL work with landowners to find a permanent solution. We just need to be part of the process from the start. No more of this back-door, secret, “my way or the highway” stuff.

2. Please use our precious resource with respect, humility and pride. Pick up that trash, repair that broken fence, mend the relationships with landowners and respect private property. We will be looked at very closely this year, let make sure we show them we are Guardians of the water and Stewards of the land. This year it’s extremely important to abide by the law and make the effort to lend a hand to landowners. This is just as important as eliminating the Bill.

Thanks again everyone, it wasn’t easy and we appreciate your honest efforts. My hat it of to you all!!!! We all came together with a unified voice…. residents and non-residents alike, extraordinary work everyone!

Well done!

See you on the water,




Woohoo! That's really awesome! I appreciate the great works! painstaking but very spiritual! Thank you! Bro.

GuideGillespie said...

Thanks so much Bryan! We all know how much time and effort you put into this great cause. You are a great leader and one of Utah's Great Water Guardians. Thanks again!!!