Sunday, August 19, 2007

Marks Visit to Utah - Day 3

Waking at 4am wasn't a big deal yet. Each day I felt a bit older though. It's been only three days and the back is a bit stiff, knees are screaming at each other to keep up. But my mind feels awake, alert and has images of small creeks with magical expectations. As always, it’s the areas not the weight of the fish that bring me to these treasures. These places have stood the test of time. They remain humbly in the backcountry waiting for those that are willing to seek them out. Although the trees and mountains have been weathered they have not retreated, but have remained; they have stood the test of time. Even the fires won't make them move, they will eventually return, stronger and a bit wiser. If your thinking the same thing that I am thinking, then yep your right, trees and rocks can't move. True, but they do have roots, firmly planted, believing without question their purpose, their place, and their souls are pure, after all they are living things. The place we are going has years of legends, folklore, scars of time and a stream that is picture perfect. It’s a place where Mark (the nympher) will have a blast catching fish on a tiny glass rod, casting dry flies to tiny, well-built fish with vibrant colors. Here no crowds will be seen and there is a potential fish every other cast…if it's an off day. This stream flows fast and furious, which makes wading a bit spooky. Its fish are made of the same mold, and what I find interesting is that they holding in water to fast for a normal sized human to wade. These six-inch tanks thrive in these conditions. They will leave the comfort of the rock blocking the current to slam a dry fly. (The comfort by the way is hardly such, like saying that one bite of a sandwich is a hearty meal). Then there is the power of these small brutes. One might think at first that they have hooked a large fish until the initial leap, then the fish reviles it true size, a trophy foot long…. Crazy to think what roots really are…

The arrival was a relief; a four-hour drive and we are finally here! Water!! Why my life has revolved around water I have no idea. I have chased some sort of water almost my entire life and until recently, past fifteen years, have been serious about it. Frozen or not it’s a full time year round passion. For some working for money to better their life, to make living more comfortable, is the way, is the norm. For some raising a family, buying a house and working the old nine to fiver is considered peaceful and also customary. For some an education at an luxurious school, to a high paying profession is the only way. They go on to be outstanding citizens because they are so sophisticated and a being a studier of books must lead to wealth and knowledge, it's considered the norm and expected. For some politics and religion that entwine lies and arguing is considered upright, righteous and of all things godly, even though more people have been killed in the name of a god than anything else in the history of the world, yet I also find it remarkable how they all think they are right and the other is still wrong even after all are gone, this is the norm and sadly is absolutely predictable. Out there are a small number of the other normal citizens, as the same goes its also expected. They think that the rest are not normal and go a different path, they make their own roads by paving the way not following blindly. Living is usual achieved through hard work, respect and eating cheap Raman noodles, picking fruit of the land and enjoying food that has been grown by hand. Saving pennies to go exploring what others disregard and staying elusive to the concrete jungle they scour the earth looking for something uncontaminated and unaffected. Possessions are not held in high regards and are not considered wealth, for all is created equal here…. and that my friend, is supposed to be the norm.

These sacred areas are pure and free from the temptations of the world. They are not caught up on the latest news, they don't act wearing the latest posh styles and actually they don't even care. I enjoy these places where time stands still and trips tend to go by much too quickly….We were lucky enough to see a small glimpse of something pure.

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