Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to the search - Remote streams

Funny how one picture can cause a sense of adventure? Prior to the trip we both, Cheech and I, separately, discovered a promising gem. It unbelievable we both received the same information from the same source at the same time without knowing it. After collaborating the next short weeks were crammed with anticipation. Maps, compass and any gathered information were carefully gone sifted through.

The beginning of the trip is always a great feeling. My mind always seems to mosey about, daydreaming of the fish and the potential it might have to be the "one". I really enjoy this part of my fishing adventures. Perhaps that's why I choose to seek out the less traveled waters. It's not only for the fishing, the sense of exploration and wisdom of peace but the vision that is implicated. These journeys never seem to go the way I imagine them…its usually far better.

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This is exactly adventure all about! Let secrets become treasures after exploring...
Nice post!