Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Published article in This is Fly issue #19, “Mini Monsters”

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My buddy Nick Granato and I collaborated in a joint venture in search of the Mormon cricket. We chased these big bugs around this past summer and enjoyed a fantastic experience. I must say it was actually mind blowing. Thanks to all that supplied the information, without you guys this would have never been possible… you know who you are, we humbly appreciate the help.

Jesse over at Rainy’s flies was kind enough to supply the bugs for the trip. If you’re not familiar with their awesome innovative patterns, I’d suggest you take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

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CoreyK said...

To damn nice!!! What a unbelievably amazing event to fish! Some great writing and shots!

Unknown said...

that is a great read, feeding those mormos to fish and then whak fish didnt know what hit em, dinner, um nope

Nice pics too!!

Brian J. said...

This article was fantastic-- I grew up in rural northern nevada and on certain years the migrating mormon crickets would get so bad that they would cause accidents on the freeway. As a kid I tried fishing them as bait with no luck but I can only now imagine how amazing it would be to find fish keying in on these things.

GREAT stuff.