Monday, September 14, 2009

Korkers_new site


The guys over at Korkers are really turning it up a notch. Check out the new site. I was lucky enough to make it onto the opening page as an angler.

My good friend Corey Kruitbosh captured this great image on out trip to Arizona...and wallah, he produced another winner that landed him up font and center......But what else would we except form CK anyhow. ; )

Corey's photography can been seen here -->

If you didn't already know, Korkers is producing some great new innovative products. 2010 is no exception.

The new rubber called Kling-On is out. Its sticky as hell. The toe and heel have a different density than the middle of the sole. It's a perfect match for use and abuse.

They also have a new Boot out, called the Predator. It's a fixed sole boot with your choice of felt or their new Kling-On rubber. I've been fortune enough to test these boots with the new rubber. I've beat them up all over gnarly terrain and have walked some serious miles throughout the West. It was an honor to provide feedback, while abusing the prototype process. I must say, I'm very pleased with the end results.

If you haven't tried them yet, go check out the Predator at your local shop, you'll see.


CoreyK said...

Thanks for the props and for lettin' me get some good shots!

BG said...

THANK YOU Cor! A stellar point of view as always man. Great job!

mike doughty said...

waiting for mine to arrive in the mail.


well Done! Guys
the website looks great~
Those shoes are awesome too ! Flawless.

mike doughty said...

just called on mine today since i ordered them sept 21. they don't actually become available till jan/feb time frame which is why i haven't received mine yet.