Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last SF Trips of the Year


It was a great year on the SF! The gold color of Cutthroat Trout shimmering in fast riffles is a sight I'll never forget.... I won't forget catching them either. Although I didn't fish the majestic water as many times as I would have liked, BUT by some miracle (Grizz) I was still fortunate enough to spend many days enjoying the water – an experience I'll never forget.

The South Fork of the Snake is an awesome and unique place. Here are a few things I learned this summer –

  • Listing to Neil Young while fishing for feeding Trout in the canyon is a must do in everyone's life – a surreal experience
  • Running across a large beaver dam is not really a smart thing to do - end result was a puncture wound in my lower leg muscle.
    • I learned that sticking your finger all the way into your punctured leg with alcohol wipes feels a little weird…. But cool at the same time.
    • A top notch first –aid kit is a must!
  • A Grumpy Frumpy is the ultimate fly of choice – the fish never new what hit em'.
  • There are really, really, really big fish that live there.
  • Rowing and beer/whiskey/vodka are vital for most of my friends… I was the "DR" just in case (designated rower)
  • I will always associate the river with my buddy Grizz who has taken the time to teach me to row the river and how to fish it BUT most of all, he has shown me how to respect it and why we should defend it.
  • I will also remember the teachings from our brother Mark –
    • Killing one fish for the survival of another is a selfless act.
    • How doing your part is a bit more of an effort but important.
    • A snap-t, snake-roll or any spey cast with a 3wt fiberglass is very possible
    • swinging soft hackles is unbelievable a sweet way to fish.

Here are the photos from the last few days….

Last shot by Grizz... thanks!


John said...

Beautiful Shots Bryan


Amazing fish and photos! Bryan.
SF are Gorgeous! What a great trip and memories... Keep up all the great work! Bro.

mike doughty said...

damn those are nice shots and fish. it doesn't get any better then nice healthy cutts in my opinion

BG said...

Guys your too kind.

I couldn't have hoped for anything more... really. It was a great experience, one I'll never forget!

Hit Man Hittle said...

Wow. Nice. Very, very nice. You make me want to leave the office now and head west. Great photography.

- Hit Man

BG said...

Thanks for stopping by Hit Man Hittle. Now call in sick and go fish! :)

Hit Man Hittle said...

Yeah man. Soon. Very soon I will. My annual Easter Steelhead trip is just around the corner.

- Darby Hittle