Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another South Fork Afternoon

We were headed back home after visiting our black spotted friends when we took a slight detour. A quick South Fork trip was in order.

Four guys, one dog and a glassy warm afternoon. A relaxing float is a welcomed idea after hiking our butts off the past two days.

Streamer action was hot all afternoon and we mixed it up by targeting sippers with small dry flies in the slow water. The wind started to pick up a bit and we pushed on. BUT not before MFRW hooked into a big one. My guess was it was at least a 160 pounder ; )

A fewof the many birds out that day.

Here is what happened……

We parked the boat on a back braided section of the river.

Grizz hoped out and went up stream to find sippers.

MFRW was fishing out of the front of the boat and Ralphy and I were fooling around in the back with our cameras -

when a rouge gale force gust hit us.

Right at that time MFRW was in the middle of a forward stroke. That's about the time we heard a loud thud or slap… it was loud! Upon looking up I see MFRW holding his ear and kinda laughing/cringing. Then we saw it. The S. Dungeon was stuck in the top of his right ear. Holy Sh*@! No way!

We did what any two amateur photographers would do - we quickly changed lenses and started firing off shots. During the shoot things like "move to the left", "hold it right there", "this is awesome!" were blurted out in excitement. MFRW was kind enough to play along with our request, thanks.

After our photo shoot it dawned on us….how are we going to get it out? Nate was quick with the leader idea, http://www.bishfish.co.nz/webbooks/smttrout/ouch.htm. MFRW grabbed his trusty leatherman as we assessed the situation. It's deep, really deep.

Our first attempts cut the barb off and slide it out…BUT it wasn't all the way through.

Push it though" he said

"OK", "Hold on" I yelled out as I grabbed the hook.

I pushed, nothing, I pushed as hard as I thought I could with out ripping his ear off. It was in an awkward spot and the soft skin and cartilage weren't helping me. It had to hurt like hell.

"Do you want me to just yank it through" I asked?

"I don't care, just get it out!" he told us.

Nate grabbed some 1X fluro. "You ready?" he asked.

"YES!" MRFW blurted out.

With a quick and precise snap Ralphy yanked on the leader that was attached to the hook. The leader snapped in two, the fly was still stuck in the ear…. Dammmmnnnn, that had to hurt! (Ralphy's idea actually helped to loosen barb out of the cartilage.)

"Holy SH*@!! MAN" I said with a slight sinister chuckle…."you alright?"

"^!%*@!! %*^#@ you!! What the Hell are you guys doing you mother%@&^ers!!!!!!!!!" he said with a low gritty voice. I was shocked he wasn't screaming like a lunatic… and that his ear was in one piece. Ralphy started to laugh, it made me laugh, MFRW started to laugh and it escalated into an all out roar.

"NOW GE IT OUT!" MFRW had had enough.

I grabbed the pliers, placed themon the hook close to the ear, and then right before I ripped it right out of his ear it dawned on me --> I might get a reaction punch so I was prepared to duck. Not sure if Ralphy thought of that because if I ducked he was going to get it right in the kisser. He he he...Then I ripped it out…… that had to hurt. Another round of choice words was said; some really original stuff for sure, actually quite impressive ; )

Then we were faced with another great opportunity. I tossed MFRW a rag before Ralphy and I fired off more pictures of the bloody pliers and bloody fly.

Grizz came walking back to the boat… he missed it. BUT we were sure to fill him in. SEE, It was a good thing we took picture's... we had proof!


Anonymous said...

Lemme get this straight...

You go throwing streamers on the South Fork during a beautiful autumn afternoon. Someone in your crew hooks an articulated K. Galloup masterpiece on their ear and the rest of the band sacrifices said fly for some easily reparable cartilage? And then you tell the story to the world?

This is the equivalent of walking into the Louvre with a handful of razor blades, slashing a Picasso, and then begging the local press for forgiveness because you broke your ankle while slipping on the museum's freshly mopped floor.

Ever heard of plastic surgeons?

Do you have no shame?

BG said...

LOL.... very funny Michael!

No fly was sacrificed, it lived to fish another day ; )Especially a Gallup pattern. (who owes me one BTW)

NO, actually its the equivalent of going fishing and laughing your keister off at your buddy ; )

I have no shame.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hoss said...

Great story. I think you should have cut the line and left it in the ear for a few days.

mike doughty said...

that's just 'f'ing classic bryan. hahahahaha! i wish i could've been there to witness that.

Anonymous said...

That makes a classy earring for your fishing buddies who have piercings (or just supply the piercing with the purchase). I'm with Hoss, a bit of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol (whatever kind was available) and MFRW was good to go for a couple of days at least before anything dangerous started to set in.

Nice post Bryan!


Great stuff Bryan!
Nice Raptors photo too!

I just read a book about raptors in North America, they mention Snake River is one of the hottest spot in watching raptors. highest diversity also! I recalled we saw Peregrine falcon, Osprey, Golden eagle, and Bald eagle in last trip... look out for them... will bring a binocular with me next time...