Saturday, June 28, 2008

Utah Trout Unlimited Volunteer Award

Utah Trout Unlimited gives out what's called the "Bob Trowbridge Outstanding Volunteer Award". This year Paul Dremann was presented with the honor at the Wasatch Expo this past spring. I was contacted and asked if I had any photos that might go well with the theme. I sent over a few and... wallah, someone like one ; ) The final result is really cool, I like the feel of it. Congrats to Paul, his hard work didn't go unnoticed.

As I was picking out photos, I really liked the big hands with the little wild fish look… and so did they. It brought back memories of the trip. This particular day Cheech and I hiked deep into the Uinta's in search of these wild Cutthroats. I remember eating some weird fish out of a can that Cheech had brought, the gargantuan sized attractor pattern that these fish were tearing apart and the lost sunglasses that were miraculously found. These "left-over" moments make me happy I took some pics. It's almost sad that I forget these things but in a way it's pretty cool to look back on and re-experience the journey.


Scott said...

Great pic Bryan. Someday I'll master the one-hand fish pic too. I guess that's what us small stream loners get.

cheech said...

sweet man. That was a very fun trip. My hand is FAMOUS!!!