Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Streams and Big Bugs

The past few weeks have been fantastic.... big bugs are out and fish are targeting them. Chasing Salmonflies has been a blast, I found myself shooting photos more than fishing. With all the commotion I eventually had to put the camera down. Cicada's have been plentiful on many streams and lakes.

The sight fishing is heating up and watching fish swim out of their way to slurp these giant insects is one of fishings coolest opportunities. The right presentation (plop) makes cruising fish turn without hesitation... I highly recommended doing this.

Rather than a lengthy post I thought I'd just put the pics up. I am way behind on my blog and catching up is going to take some time.... and the past few weeks I've been chasing the big green bugs, Drakes, which hasn't helped out my time situation ; )


RnF said...

Your photo's truly speak a thousand words. Nice work Bry.

mike doughty said...

you're so baller!

BG said...

Thanks Scott, these bugs are really amazing.

Mike - not really ; )