Saturday, June 9, 2007

High Country Thaw

Been a while since my last entry, fortunately it's because I have been busy fishing.

I have been waiting for the high-country to thaw since it froze. I was on a mission to get up there before the crowds and definitely before Memorial day weekend. Well, I did and it was a blast. A few of the lakes were already clear of ice others were still caped and this one was in the first stage of the melt. Hungry fish would attack anything that came their way. On this trip they were happy to take my prince nymph. Upon my arrival I noticed that a few other like minded individuals were already there and fishing the spot that I had anticipated on hitting. Chatted with a few minutes and moved on around the corner but in eye sight of the hole I wanted to fish. After a few minutes they reeled up and headed out. Perfect!!! I quickly walked extremely briskly to the treasure. First cast out... good placement... one - one thousand, and first at bat was a small Grayling, awesome....

second cast, same spot... one- one thousand, two -one, and here comes a planter Rainbow, sweet!!!

third cast... same spot...this time, gave the fly a little movement and a small Brookie... .... three casts, three different Trout.

Now my goal was to actually get a Tiger Trout, I stayed there until it started to snow again, caught a few more fish but no Tiger, oh well almost got all four. It was a great day to be up there and I can't wait to return.

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Brother... you guys are really have lot's of fun ha...What a great greylings! GOOD JOB! Keep pictures coming : )