Saturday, July 25, 2009

Published_TROUT Magazine summer 2009

As I mentioned before, this month has treated me exceptionally kind... I know its bound to end but wow, another humbling moment. TROUT magazine [Trout Unlimited] ran three of my images.

Again I was shocked to see my fin shot grace the words of a fish icon, a fish defender. I'm really glad the fin images are getting used. I've tried to shoot these as I like the shapes, detail and fish they come from. I've
learned that all fins are not alike, some mimic others but the separation is in the small quite details. I have been working on more fin shots, when the time is right I'll post them up.

If your not receiving TROUT magazine its because your not a subscriber. If you've never seen it before its because the magazine is just one of the many benefits to donating to Trout Unlimited. This alone is worth it!Its also available for downloads, in PFD or e-zine

Check it out
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The bottom angler image is of Ralphy AKA Nate Miller. Nate is a stick and then some. I've heard some folks say he is a myth, others say there is no such person BUT here "Ralphy" was seen wrangling hogs on the Teton River. Again, I climbed the rattler infested terrain and perched myself waiting for unsuspecting anglers. I wanted to capture a raw image, one that's NOT a set-up shot, not a barby [bar-b-q] shot, its unaltered real time fun.

Original Images [Ralphy's image went missing, all I can find is this tiny cropped shot]



HOLY MOLLY! That's awesome! Congratulation!!

BG said...

Thanks Mark! I had good teachers ; )

NJ said...

Nice! And nice to see the blog updates. More great work.

Lonnie S. said...

In a strange twist, Squeak Smith was the president of my TU chapter at Home (Table Rock Anglers)....


wyoflyfish said...

I downloaded my PDF version the other day. Nice to see you in there with your beautiful pictures. I don't even get the print magazine anymore as I am trying to cut down on all the excess paper in my life. With my membership I simply told them to not postal mail me anything. TU is great about that. I can get everything I need from them electronically.