Monday, January 5, 2009

Published – Catch Magazine, as a Fisher

I got a call from Adam Barker one late evening. It went something like this-->

Adam:"wanna go shoot?"

Me: "hell yeah"

I have worked with Adam in the past in the snow world. He knows what's up to get things done.. We met at the standard ski time shoot – well before dawn.

We bundled up and set off into the cold, crisp, winter darkness.The snow kept things bright on the hour hike. We stopped at a spot Adam had picked out a while back and began to set-up for the pre-dawn light.

Adam captured some great moments that day. We caught some fish, got some shots and I learned a thing or two... OK like ten things... thanks for the opportunity!

Check out Adam'Barker's gallery in the latest issue of Catch Magazine, volume # 3


Be sure to take a long look at Adam Barker's photography sites.

Website -->

Blog -->


Riverguide said...

It's so great to always learn something new and congrats to the article in the mag. I would have flipped if I saw it in the mag first. Great pics in the last posts as well. Keep it up the great work.


Indeed! Great work! Brother.

Getting there...and looking good! Super Model! I think I would rather fish with you compare to staying in a hot tub with girlfriend...ha...

BG said...

Thanks for the encouragement was a morning! For me learning is half the fun. I suppose if I already knew everything I'd quit fishing... that said, I don't see the end coming any time soon ;)I have much to learn.

Adam did a stellar job, I am stoked!

HA! Mark, too funny!

Michael Gracie said...

Adam's piece was great - frankly the whole issue was great (and it's always nice to see pics where you can say "I know that spot").


You're not fooling me with the lack of hot tub action - this intrepid blog reader noticed you didn't have any gloves on in that pic, BG. This leads me to believe Barker really took that pic as you were stepping into one (full of scantily clad women, of course), and then superimposed it onto that pic of the Middle.

I'm forming a crack team now, to inspect ALL your beautiful pics for signs of Photoshopping out the stray beer bottle and bikini top.

BG said...

Ha! Michael.... yeah, my fingers were COLD! As soon as the first wave of pain goes away, its not all that bad....but it was never as cold as my commercial fishing days in New England, with gloves ; )