Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall on the Berry


The old knights at the rectangle table have been slaying it on the berry. It pays to be quiet and observant when buying tying materials at the shop. Needless to say, I caught wind of it. I did what any brother would do, I called the crew. We packed the gear and headed out the door.

Walking down the trail the sound of frost could be heard crunching beneath your feet. Looking ahead, the path to freedom funneled into a thick, dark fog. The fog was level with the surrounding hillside. Just last week the aspens still had the gold coat shimmering in the morning light. Now they are bare and seem quite distant standing there in shades of black and white. Winter is coming.

Stillwater really isn't my game, but its fun and challenging… especially from shore… with a fly rod. But this is when the fish start cruising into the shallows and some really good fishing catching can be had. Armed with a few dozen too many flies I followed the crew into the fog.


It started of pretty slow. Small feisty 12inch Rainbows passed the time between the hours spent casting and stripping. Although nobody was complaining, we were looking for Cutthroats.

By mid day a few Cutthroats had been landed but not the numbers we were anticipating. We decided to work out way back to the car. Casting and walking, leapfrogging one another along the shore. We all picked up a descent Cutthroat by the time we hit the trail.

No one fly or color stood out. I think a dozen different patterns produced today… but one in particular made an impression. It was right at the end so very little information was gathered. But I am going home to gather more ammo. I will be headed back here soon.


mike doughty said...

awesome pics again bryan. i love water shots with the mist. nice cutties! it sucks being in vegas again and not fishing this time of year.

Riverguide said...

man dude, once again you have excellent photos. Makes me wanna get out even more. What camera/lens do ya use?

BG said...

The mist was pretty cool. It burned off with the sun. Vegas eh? That sucks, when you coming home... just in time for post spawn ; )

Riverguide - Call in sick and go! Winter is coming, days are limited.. that's a good enough excuse, fight? : )

I'm currently using a Canon XTi with standard lenses. I keep wanting to upgrade, someday maybe.

Riverguide said...

Winter doesn't get as bad in these parts...but it is a good excuse. Most people don't understand it in good weather. You are taking fab pics with that body and lens. Keep it up.

NJ said...

Love this photo set. I need some time off to get into some of that action!